Shellfish Closures: Legal Notices/Maps and Interactive Map

Interactive Shellfish Closure Map

Contact Information

  • During normal business hours: Shellfish Program Coordinator, Phone: 207-633-9515
  • During nights/weekends/holidays: The State Police barracks will put you in touch with Marine Patrol:
    • New Hampshire border to Brunswick, barracks 1-800-228-0857
    • Cushing/Boothbay to Lincolnville/Belfast area, barracks 1-800-452-4664
    • Belfast to the Canadian border, barracks 1-800-432-7381

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Biotoxin and Shellfish Sanitation Hotline call 1-800-232-4733 or 207-624-7727.

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Statewide Closures
Reopening dates are not posted on this table. Refer to the legal notice for reopening dates.
Name Description Date
Conditional Area

Area WJ (CA1) is reopened due to additional information obtained confirming no growing area impact.

Area ET (CA2) is closed and will REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, July 25, 2024.

Area WV (CA1 and CA) will close EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, August 20, 2024 and REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, August 27, 2024.

Area WV (CA1 and CA) will close EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, September 18, 2024 and REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, September 27, 2024.

Area WV (CA1 and CA) will close EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, October 17, 2024 and REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, October 25, 2024.

Area WV (CA1 and CA) will close EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, November 14, 2024 and REOPEN EFFECTIVE 00:01 HOURS, November 23, 2024.

Emergency Closure

There are no closures at this time.

Aquaculture Closures Closures of specific aquaculture or wet storage sites  7/15/2024
Pollution Abatement There are no Pollution Abatements at this time.
Sea Scallops Area # 1000  7/5/2024
Carnivorous Snails Area # 1001
Mahogany/Ocean Quahogs ME/NH Border to Schoodic Point (Winter Harbor) 164-A
Mahogany/Ocean Quahogs Point of Maine (Machiasport) to Cape Split (Addison)  164-B
Conservation Closures Town Conservation Closure page

Growing Area Closure Notices and Maps (PDF files)
Growing Area Description
Bacterial Notice
Bacterial Notice Map
Biotoxin Notice
Biotoxin Notice Map
WA-Piscataqua River (South Berwick) to Sisters Point (Kittery) WA WA Map 100-A 100-A Map
WB-Sisters Point (Kittery) to East Point (York) WB WB Map 100-A 100-A Map
WC-East Point (York) to Bald Head Cliff (York) WC WC Map 100-A 100-A Map
WD-Bald Head Cliff (York) to Cape Arundel (Kennebunkport) WD WD Map 100-A 100-A Map
WE-Cape Arundel (Kennebunkport) to Little River (Kennebunkport) WE WE Map 100-A 100-A Map
WF-Little River (Biddeford) to East Point (Biddeford) WF WF Map 100-A 100-A Map
WG-East Point (Biddeford) to Prouts Neck (Scarborough) WG WG Map 100-A 100-A Map
WH-Prouts Neck (Scarborough) to McKenney Point (Cape Elizabeth) WH WH Map 100-A 100-A Map
WI-McKenney Point (Cape Elizabeth) to Stockbridge Point (Freeport) WI WI Map 100-A 100-A Map
WJ-Stockbridge Point (Freeport) to Potts Point (Harpswell) WJ WJ Map 100-A 100-A Map
WK-Potts Point (Harpswell) to East Cundy Point (Cundys Harbor) WK WK Map 100-A 100-A Map
WL-East Cundy Point (Cundys Harbor) to Small Point (Phippsburg) WL WL Map 100-A 100-A Map
WM-Small Point (Phippsburg) to Indian Point (Georgetown) WM WM Map 100-A 100-A Map
WN-Indian Point (Georgetown) to Cape Newagen (Southport) WN WN Map 100-A 100-A Map
WP-Cape Newagen (Southport) to Ocean Point (Boothbay) WP WP Map 100-A 100-A Map
WQ-Ocean Point (Boothbay) to Shipley Point (South Bristol) WQ WQ Map 100-A 100-A Map
WR-Shipley Point (South Bristol) to Pemaquid Point (Bristol) WR WR Map 100-A 100-A Map
WS-Pemaquid Point (Bristol) to Martin Point (Friendship) WS WS Map 100-B 100-B Map
WT-Martin Point (Friendship) to Pleasant Point (Cushing) WT WT Map 100-B 100-B Map
WU-Pleasant Point (Cushing) to Marshall Point (Port Clyde) WU WU Map 100-B 100-B Map
WV-Marshall Point (Port Clyde) to Owls Head Light (Owls Head) WV WV Map 100-B 100-B Map
WW-Owls Head Light (Owls Head) to Cape Jellison (Stockton Springs) WW WW Map 100-B 100-B Map
WX-Defence Point (Stockton Springs) to Dice Head (Castine) WX WX Map 64-A 64-A Map
WY-Islesboro WY WY Map 64-A 64-A Map
WZ-North Haven, Vinalhaven, and Matinicus WZ WZ Map 100-B 100-B Map
EA- Dice Head, Castine to Cape Rosier, Brooksville EA EA Map 64-A 64-A Map
EB- Cape Rosier, Brooksville to Naskeag Point, Brooklin EB EB Map 64-A 64-A Map
EC- Little Deer Isle, the Island of Deer Isle including Stonington EC EC Map 64-A 64-A Map
ED- Isle Au Haut ED ED Map 64-A 64-A Map
EE- Swans Island and Frenchboro EE EE Map 64-A 64-A Map
EF- Western Blue Hill Bay, Naskeag Point to Newbury Neck EF EF Map 64-A 64-A Map
EG- Eastern Blue Bay, Newbury Neck to Wonderland Southwest Harbor EG EG Map 64-A 64-A Map
EH- Seawall to Otter Cove and Cranberry Islands EH EH Map 64-A 64-A Map
EI- Great Head, Bar Harbor to Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor EI EI Map 64-A 64-A Map
EJ- Schoodic Point, Winter Harbor to Dyer Point, Steuben EJ EJ Map 64-A 64-A Map
EK- Dyer Bay, Dyer Harbor and Pinkham Bay EK EK Map 64-A 64-A Map
EL- Petit Manan Point to Ripley Neck EL EL Map 64-A 64-A Map
EM- Pleasant River, Addison, Cape Spilt, Columbia Falls and Harrington EM EM Map 64-A 64-A Map
EN- Cape Split, South Addison to Henry Point, including Jonesport and Beals EN EN Map 64-A 64-A Map
EP- Henry Point, Jonesport to Sea Wall Point, Roque Bluffs EP EP Map 64-A 64-A Map
EQ- Seawall Point, Roque Bluffs to Point of Maine, Machiasport EQ EQ Map 64-A 64- A Map
ER- Point of Maine, Machiasport to Cape Wash Cutler ER ER Map 64-B 64-B Map
ES- Cape Wash, Culter to Mowry Point, Lubec ES ES Map 64-B 64-B Map
ET- Lubec through Perry. Cobscook Bay ET ET Map 64-B 64-B Map
EU- St. Croix River; Eastport to Calais EU EU Map 64-B 64-B Map


  • Some Growing Areas contain conditional area classifications. These areas open and close depending on various conditions that affect pollution levels, such as wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, marinas, rainfall, or seasons. You may also check the hotline at 1-800-232-4733 to see whether or not the area is open or closed. Be advised that the best information comes from your local Marine Patrol Officer, local shellfish warden.


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