Limited Purpose Aquaculture (LPA) License Application

An LPA license permits the licensee up to 400 square feet of area for one calendar year for the culture of certain shellfish species and marine algae using certain types of gear.

LPA License Applications for new LPAs :

Applications must be submitted using the forms currently hosted on this website. Please be sure your submission reflects the most current version of the respective form. Submissions that are made on discontinued forms may be returned to the applicant. Applications submitted from October 1st through December 31st annually will not be renewed until after January 1st of the following calendar year.

LPA Renewal Requirements:

  • LPA licenses can be renewed annually. To renew LPA licenses, a renewal application and training quiz must be completed, and a renewal fee must be paid. LPA license holders are¬†provided additional information on how to complete these requirements in the fall of each year.

Municipal LPA Application:

This application is for municipal shellfish management programs only, which are established pursuant to statute and other legal requirements.

Information to assist in completing LPA license application forms: