Stream Connectivity Working Group


Convened by the State of Maine's Coastal Program and Department of Marine Resources in 2009, the Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group is a partnership of 32 state, federal, tribal, and non-government organizations working to increase the pace and quality of cooperative stream restoration efforts in Maine.

The SCWG is a forum, networking and coordinating group that informs, leverages, and enhances the work of on-the-ground restoration practitioners and planners in Maine. We achieve this through general meetings, assessment and implementation of priorities, educational seminars, development of restoration tools, funding partnerships, and working together on projects that benefit local communities, private landowners and Maine's fish and wildlife. General meetings are held in the spring and fall of each year. Contact our coordinators to find out more.

What We Achieve

More information about the past work and achievements of the Stream Connectivity Working Group can be found in the following status reports:
2017 Maine Stream Connectivity Working Group Report (PDF file, 8 pages)
2012-2013 Maine Stream Connectivity Working Group Report (PDF file, 9 pages, 1.2 MB)

Maine Stream Habitat Viewer

The Stream Habitat Viewer was created to enhance statewide stream restoration and conservation efforts. The Viewer provides a starting point for towns, private landowners and others to learn more about stream habitats across the state. More information about the Stream Habitat Viewer is online.

Who We Are

The following organizations are members of the Maine Stream Connectivity Work Group:


To find out more about the Stream Connectivity Working Group or to join us at a meeting please contact one of our coordinators:

Casey Clark
Maine Department of Marine Resources, Resource Management Coordinator

Landis Hudson
Maine Rivers, Executive Director