Maine DMR Online Licensing System Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Online Licensing System indicate that I am not eligible?

  • If it is a resident license and you are not a resident you will be ineligible
  • You owe landings reports, or are under suspension
  • It is a limited entry license that required you to hold this license in the previous year.
  • You have multiple licenses with the same license number (contact DMR's Licensing Division at (207) 624-6550)

Can I put in my Landings Number and Password once I click on the LEEDS Link?

  • No. You must select "Create a Login" and fill in your personal information, along with your Social Security number or Federal Identification number, along with a password that is 8 characters long, and includes one Capital letter and one number. This will then generate an email returning your Landings number. You can then go in and enter your Landings number and the password that you have just created. Please watch the video on "How to create a Login"?

Why do I not have any licenses to renew after I created a log in?

  • You may have created a second Landings Number - and there are no licenses associated with that Landings Number, and you will need to contact the Licensing Division to correct that.
  • You may owe reports or are under suspension

Can I change my Social Security Number (SS#) or the Federal Employee Identification Number (FEIN #) or my Date of Birth once it has been entered if I make a mistake?

  • No. You will not be able to change your Date of birth, SS# or FEIN# once it has been entered. If you have made an error while entering - please contact the Licensing Division.

Boat Information for lobster license holders:

What if my boat does not have a current federal permit, but I am in the process of obtaining a federal permit?

  • You must upload or fax your application for obtaining a federal permit information to the Licensing Division to review.

Can I order tags if I have made application to NMFS to obtain a federal permit, or am in the process of documenting my vessel?

  • Yes, but proof of application to obtain a federal permit will be required. The same if you are obtaining a documented vessel that is not yet in your name

Can I order EEZ tags if my federal permit is not up to date?

  • No. You must have a current federal permit in order to obtain federal (EEZ) tags. LEEDS verifies this information with NMFS permit database.

Why is permit status important?

  • The permit and vessel number are verified through National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Permit Database, and US Coast Guard (USCG) Documentation Database, so if your federal permit number does not match up with the vessel you have provided in LEEDS, you will receive NON FEDERAL tags. If your tags are ordered incorrectly for this reason, you will be responsible for the cost of the reissuance of tags with the EEZ designation. If you have changed the vessel attached to your federal permit, and are entering your vessel information into LEEDS, please confirm that the "LOB PERMIT STATUS" shows as EEZ and not NON. If it is incorrect, you must contact DMR Licensing Division within 24 hours of renewing online, as tags are ordered the next business day. If you do not notify us, and your tags are ordered incorrectly due to a change in your vessel that has not been processed by NMFS and/or USCG, you will be responsible for the cost of the reissuance of tags with the EEZ designation. The cost will be $0.10 per tag.

    Vessel GFX

    (If you have changed the vessel attached to your federal permit, please confirm that your LOB PERMIT STATUS is not NON, but instead is EEZ)

What if my boat is not currently registered and/or documented with MOSES or NMFS documentation office?

  • Your license will PEND until the Licensing Division can verify boat ownership. You will not be considered licensed.

What if I am not the boat owner?

  • You can indicate that you are not, and go through the flow to indicate someone else owns the boat but you must indicate the following:
    1. You have permission and the owner will be present on the boat while fishing
    2. You are a family member

What if I am double tagging with another person?

  • If you are not over the Zone limit, and you have provided the landings number of the individual you will be double tagging with or you meet the family member exemption information that is required, your license may need to be reviewed before being issued.
  • If you will be over the boat limit for that Zone, you will need to contact the Licensing Division (207-624-6550) and provide them with the boat owner's name, landings number of the boat owner, and the number of tags you will be fishing off that boat.


Will all my facility locations show up when I renew my license?

  • No. Facility locations will not be listed if you are renewing a license that requires a facility be listed. You will need to click on the "ADD" button to add all facilities that you are licensing.

Will all my vehicle information show up when I renew my license?

  • Yes. Vehicle information will be listed under the "Select" button, if that vehicle was listed in the prior year. If, however, you are not obtaining all your vehicles at once, you may not see all the vehicles listed in the drop down, so you may need to add that vehicle. If the vehicle is not listed, you will need to click on "ADD," and put in all the required information for that vehicle within the appropriate fields.

Can I pay with Canadian Funds?

  • No. All payments are to be made with US Dollars ONLY.

Can I pay with a check?

  • Yes - as long as your Financial Institution allows for electronic funds transfers (EFT). If it does not, and we process your application, and the check is returned due to not allowing an EFT you will be charged a $20 returned check fee and your license will be voided.

What happens if my SS# or FEIN# has changed on my Dealer application?

  • You will be issued a new Landings Number - as this is deemed new ownership. If, however, you are going from the owner's SS# and have become incorporated, and issued a FEIN#, and the ownership has not changed, please contact the Licensing Division so that it can be changed in the system before processing the license.

What do I need if I am buying directly from harvester?

  • You must select the primary buyer permit (PBP).

What is required to obtain a Shellfish Transportation License or Supplemental?

  • You must provide the Department with the Shellfish Certification Number you were issued from Maine OR another State. The license will NOT be issued if you do not put that certification number in.

What is an Enhanced Retail license and who needs it?

  • State law requires harvesters to sell shellfish (clams, mussels, oysters, and mahogany quahogs) only to certified shellfish dealers. This does not include restaurants, convenience stores, etc. The exception to that law is when a Retail Seafood license holder wants to buy shellfish directly from a harvester then they must have an Enhanced Retail license. The Enhanced license is for an establishment that sells at a retail level only and does not include wholesale sales. So, to sum things up, if you are a retail business that wants to buy shellfish from a certified dealer, you only need the Retail Seafood license. If you are a retail business that wants to buy shellfish directly from a harvester, then you need an Enhanced Retail license.

Do I need to pay for my sanitation certificate and what's the difference between my Shellfish Sanitation Certificate and my Wholesale Seafood license?

  • The Wholesale Seafood license is your legal right to operate and does not require an inspection. If you deal with clams, mussels, or oysters you need an additional Shellfish Sanitation Certificate. This certificate involves a facility inspection and it's all about safe food handling practices. Starting with the 2018 certification year there will now be a fee for Shellfish Sanitation Certificates. Please see your application form for the fees charged for your type of certificate or permit.