Municipal Shellfish Conservation Warden

A town with a municipal shellfish ordinance must enforce that ordinance. Municipal conservation shellfish wardens are hired by the town(s) to patrol flats, ensure diggers are properly licensed, and ensure digging activities are safe and legal.

Regulations regarding Municipal Shellfish Conservation Wardens

Warden Certification Application

Applicants who want to become a municipal shellfish conservation warden must fill out and submit an application and provide proof of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Phase 1 law enforcement training. Select this link to download the application: Municipal Shellfish Conservation Warden Application (PDF file, 1 page).

Please return the application to Shellfish Program Coordinator by using the contact information at the top of the form. Signing the form authorizes the DMR to check the applicant's background for a criminal record. If an application fails to pass a background check, they may be barred from attending the training. If an applicant wishes to have the power of arrest and/or carry a firearm, they must complete the appropriate Maine Criminal Justice Academy course/s prior to DMR certification.

Applications must be received by February 1 in order for the person to be included in the next DMR warden training.

Warden Training Information

In-person training:

  • Town-appointed Municipal Shellfish Conservation Wardens have up to 1 (one) year to attend the DMR Warden training to become certified. Wardens with no other enforcement training cannot enforce a town ordinance until they are trained by the DMR, or have received a waiver from DMR to do so.
  • Trained and certified wardens must attend the DMR training every 3 (three) years to retain their certification.

Phase 1 training:

All municipal shellfish conservation wardens must complete the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Law Enforcement Pre-Service Training (also known as LEPS Phase 1), in addition to the DMR provided in-person training, before they can be certified as a municipal shellfish conservation warden. 

Phase 1 training was included to give wardens valuable information regarding foundations of law enforcement; laws and legal issues; use of force, arrest and liability; human relations; and vital skills. There are many providers both online and in-person of the Phase 1 training. For addtional questions regarding Phase 1 training please contact the Shellfish Program Coordinator.

Certified Copies of Legal Notices, and Certification of Clam Rings