DMR Larval Lobster Surveys

Four larval lobster stages
Larval stages of the American lobster (Homarus americanus). Photo by Jesica Waller
Lobsters hatch from eggs and develop through these four larval stages before settling on the sea floor.


The Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) began larval lobster surveys in the Midcoast region in 2018. This survey was implemented in collaboration with Dr. Eric Annis (Hood College) after a preliminary survey in 2017. This larval survey provides a point of comparison to historical work done in this area, and provides new biological datasets focused on this important lobster life stage.

Survey Objectives:

  1. Evaluate the abundance of larval lobsters in the Midcoast region (Zone E)
  2. Document the seasonal occurrence of larvae each year

For information about DMR’s survey design, results and related research efforts please contact Jesica Waller.

Neuston net for larval collection
A neuston net deployed during the 2019 DMR larval surveys. Photo by Jesica Waller
Neuston nets are used to sample lobster larvae and other organisms found at the surface.