Aquaculture Laws and Regulations


  • See Chapter 2 for aquaculture lease requirements and procedures.


§6071 Importing of live marine organisms
§6072 Research and aquaculture leases
§6072-A Limited-purpose lease for commercial or scientific research
§6072-B Emergency aquaculture lease for shellfish
§6072-C Limited-purpose aquaculture license
§6072-D Aquaculture Management Fund
§6073 Exclusivity; prohibition or interference
§6073-A Minimum size exemption; aquaculture
§6074 Special license
§6075 Pathology program
§6076 Marine Shellfish Toxins Monitoring Program
§6077 Aquaculture monitoring program
§6078-A Aquaculture monitoring, research and development fund
§6079 Aquacultural use of antibiotics; notice
§6080 Aquaculture Advisory Council
§6081 Aquaculture Research Fund
§6082 Confidentiality provisions for aquaculture information from other jurisdictions
§6083 Lease option
§6084 Nonpayment of aquaculture lease fees
§6085 Marine organism aquaculture license
§6086 Abandoned aquaculture equipment and stock
§6088 Municipal fees
§6673 Municipal shellfish aquaculture permit
§6810-B Aquaculture license