Saltwater Recreational Fishing Regulations and Tips

Full DMR Laws and Regulations of Recreational Species

Complete, current Laws and Regulations for DMR regulated recreational species can be found in the DMR Laws & Regulations section of the DMR website. Proposed Rulemaking, Newly Adopted Regulations and Emergency Regulations can also be found there.

For 2023: On May 18, DMR is implementing an emergency rulemaking to adopt a 31-inch maximum size limit in the striped bass recreational fishery. As a result, the slot limit for striped bass in 2023 will be 28-inches to 31-inches. This means striped bass from 28.0-inches to 31.0-inches may be harvested.

This change is made in response to action taken by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to implement a 31-inch maximum size limit in the recreational fishery. Recreational removals substantially increased in 2022 as the 2015-year class moved into the previous slot limit. This higher level of fishing mortality significantly reduced the probability of rebuilding the striped bass stock by 2029. In order to provide better protection to the 2015-year class in 2023 and support rebuilding by 2029, the Commission implemented a 31-inch maximum size limit in the striped bass recreational fishery where a higher, or no, maximum size limit applies, excluding the Chesapeake Bay trophy fishery. A press release of the Board meeting can be found HERE.

Note: If fishing in the tidal portion of rivers, DMR Regulations Chapter 55 lists Gear Restrictions and Closed Areas by body of water for your reference.

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