What are the minimum qualifying sizes?

The following fish (find pictures and basic info here) must be taken on rod and reel but line-testing strength is not limited. Live and cut baits may be used as well as artificial lures. Note: Anglers who wish to qualify for Tackle-Busters in the Striped bass or Bluefish category but wish to release their fish unharmed may do so if the fish meets the minimum total length requirement. A photo of the fish beside a tape measure would provide the necessary verification of size.

Tackle Busters Minimum Size Requirements
Species Size
black sea bass 2 lbs.
bluefin tuna 300 lbs.
bluefish 15 lbs. or 36 inches
cusk 12 lbs.
haddock 7 lbs.
halibut 50 lbs.
mackerel 2 lbs.
monkfish 20 lbs.
pollock 25 lbs.
porbeagle shark 200 lbs.
redfish 2 lbs.
shad 21 inches
striped bass 25 lbs. or 42 inches
tautog 3 lbs.
thresher shark 200 lbs.
white hake 25 lbs.
whiting (silver hake) 3 lbs.
winter flounder 2 lbs.