Vibrio Certification Guide

DMR Chapter 115 Vibrio Regulations

Vibrios are naturally occurring bacteria typically found in marine waters. Several species of Vibrio are pathogens and can cause illness in humans including gastroenteritis and septicemia. Illnesses from Vibrio infections are often associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked seafood including bivalve shellfish. DMR has special regulations in effect in specific areas that reduce the risk of Vibrio infections caused by the consumption of oysters or hard clams. The most important preventative step to reducing Vibrio bacterial growth is rapidly cooling shellfish to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep Maine shellfish safe by keeping it cool!

Vibrio season starts on June 1st each year. Vibrio certification for 2024 will start two months before that. For information on Vibrio, you can view the 2023 Vibrio training video below.