Aquaculture Map

This map service displays information on aquaculture leases and licenses in Maine along with information relevant to the aquaculture industry provided by MDMR's Bureau of Public Health (NSSP water quality information and p90 scores). The map also includes LPA Health Zones, IFW Essential Habitat Boundaries, historic eelgrass data, conserved land information, and low tide imagery.

Web Map User Manual: For descriptions of the ArcMap features, click the points or polygons on the map below. This document provides instructions on the ArcMap Online tools: Web Map Application User Manual (pdf)

Data Portal: To access the datasets that populate this webmap, please visit: MDMR's Open Data Portal

Interactive Data Tables: These datasets are available in sortable, searchable, downloadable, and printable data tables with links to maps and documents, please visit the Standard and Experimental Leases Table, the Limited Purpose Aquaculture (LPA) Licenses Table, and/or the Lease Applications Under Review Table

Please Note that Public Health Water Classifications are updated frequently, but can change on a daily basis. Please consult the following page for the most up to date information: Maine Growing Area Closures: Shellfish Area Inventory with Legal Notices and Maps.

Each permitted aquaculture lease or license site is displayed with its respective DMR assigned ID. In some instances, the site ID may not readily display if it is within close proximity to another labeled feature or site. If that’s the case, please zoom in until the site ID appears.  Pending aquaculture lease applications are not assigned a site ID.

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