Maine Saltwater Angler's Guide

Do You Know Your Catch?

One of the most commonly asked questions by anglers, at some point in time, is "What is it?" Knowing what you caught is extremely important for many reasons, including the reason that misidentification can lead to violations of fisheries regulations. This section is meant to guide the angler through thirty-six of Maine's most commonly encountered saltwater species. These fish are grouped into Families as listed in the American Fisheries Society publication, "Common and Scientific Names of Fishes."

Where to Saltwater Fish Along Maine's Coast?

"Where to Saltwater Fish...." looks at the coast in three sections: western, midcoast, and downeast. Maps shown are for general reference; more detailed road maps and navigation charts should be consulted for land or water navigating, respectively. Information about and directions to many of Maine's saltwater boat ramps and shore fishing sites are included. All tidal water boat ramps that have received State assistance are listed here, along with many municipal and some privately owned facilities.