DMR Female Lobster Size at Maturity Studies

The goal of this work is to determine the size (carapace length) at which females become capable of egg production. This information is used in the ASMFC American Lobster Stock Assessment model to predict the growth of female lobsters and estimate egg production in each stock. DMR began this study in 2018 and will continue this work into 2020. To read about what we did in 2018, please see this research article published in the Journal of Crustacean Biology by the DMR lobster research team.

Also see the 2021 publication "A comparison of the size at maturity of female American lobsters (Homarus americanus) over three decades and across coastal areas of the Gulf of Maine using ovarian staging"

To learn more about this study please contact Jesica Waller.

Measuring a lobster's carapace using calipers
Measuring the carapace length of a female lobster.
Developing lobster eggs, photographed under a microscope
Developing lobster eggs, photographed under a microscope.