Maine - New Hampshire Inshore Trawl Survey

Introductiontrawler Robert Michael at sea

The Maine-New Hampshire Inshore Trawl Survey is a resource assessment survey performed along the coastal waters of Maine and New Hampshire. Bi-annual surveys, spring and fall, have been conducted since the fall of 2000. This survey is a collaborative research project using a commercial fishing vessel as the platform. The boat owner, captain, and crew have been actively involved in the design and implementation of this survey.

Trawl Survey News:

  • Windowpane flounder being measuredMarch 28, 2024: The Fall 2023¬†Survey has been completed, and data are available at the Data Dashboard.

Spring 2024 Survey

General Information

Data Dashboard, Reports, and Publications from Previous Surveys

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Funding since 2000 has been provided through grants from the Northeast Consortium and the NOAA Fisheries Service.