Ellsworth to Calais

Map of Maine's Coast from Ellsworth to Calais


Union River Harbor boat ramp, located along Route 230 in Ellsworth, provides public access to the Union River. A cement boat ramp (unusable at low tide), a dock and large parking lot can be found here. Restrooms are across from the Harbor Master's office.


A paved seaplane ramp, also serving as a boat ramp, is located behind the Hancock County Airport in Trenton. A large lot provides ample parking. To get to this site, take the second right after starting down the airport driveway from Route 3. This launch facility provides access to Eastern Bay and Mt. Desert Narrows.


There are several boat ramps located on Mt. Desert Island. Seal Cove Boat Ramp, which provides access to Blue Hill Bay, is a paved ramp found on the west side of the island. To get to this site, pick up Route 102 as you enter onto the island and continue south until you get to Cape Road (look for Cape Road on the left just before entering Seal Cove). Parking at this site may be a problem. Located several miles further along Route 102 on Bernard Road is the Tremont Town Pier. This site has a single cement boat ramp serviced by a dock. An outhouse is on site, parking is limited, but additional space is available in an alternate lot.

Continuing on Route 102 and onto Route 102A will bring you to the village of Manset. Located along the waterfront is the Manset Town Landing, a favorite shore fishing spot, especially for mackerel. This facility has a pier with attached float, a boat ramp and an outhouse. Parking for boat trailers Is on a dirt covered lot next to the ramp. A fee is charged to use the ramp.

In downtown Bar Harbor, along the waterfront, is the Bar Harbor Town Landing. This is a highly congested area! An extra-wide boat ramp found here is not usable around low tide or during and after strong easterly winds. Floats are available alongside the pier. Parking is limited, at best, so make arrangements for parking your boat trailer through the Harbor Master, whose office is located on site. Bathroom facilities are next to the parking lot. Shore fishing from the pier is permitted.


Lamoine State Park, which offers its visitors a spectacular view of Cadillac Mountain, is across Eastern Bay from Mt. Desert Island. To get to this site, follow Route 184 out of Ellsworth. Numerous camp sites, picnic tables and outhouses, along with a boat tramp and pier can all be found in the park. Be prepared to pay a user fee at the Front gate. Parking is not a problem. This site is also considered to be a popular shore fishing spot.

Another public boat ramp in the immediate area is at the Lamoine Beach Boat Ramp. To get to this site, continue south on Route 184 after passing the entrance to Lamoine State Park. This is a town owned single cement and gravel ramp in very poor condition. An outhouse is located next to the parking lot. Parking at this site is not a problem. The town does not recommend use of this boat ramp.


There are three public boat ramps in the town of Gouldsboro. The South Gouldsboro Boat Ramp offers access to Frenchman Bay. This is a relatively new paved ramp, town operated, that is usable except on more extreme low tides. Parking is limited. Bunkers Harbor Boat Ramp is new, with a paved ramp that is not usable, near low tide. Parking is limited at this town maintained site. The third ramp, Gouldsboro Point Boat Launch, is paved and in good condition. It is also town operated and has limited parking.


The Milbridge Marina (Millbridge Town Landing) is located off Route 1A on Bayview Street in Milbridge. This site offers access to the Narraguagus River. A boat ramp (unusable at low tide), float and ample parking can be found here.

Access to the Harrington River is provided at Harrington's Town Landing (Ripley Moorings). Take Route 1 north out of Harrington to Marshville Road, which will bring you to the site. This boat ramp is made of cement and may be difficult to use at dead low tide. Parking is not a problem.


The boat ramp at the Addison Town Landing is usable at all but extreme low tides. A dock is on site and there is adequate parking for boat trailers. It is located off Route I on the Ridge Road.

Another boat ramp in the area is the South Addison Town Landing. This facility has a paved boat ramp, a nearby dock, outhouse and large parking lot. To get to this site from Route 1, take East Side Road to the Narrows Road.


Jonesport Marina, off Route 187 on Sawyers Square Road in jonesport, offers a paved boat ramp, a float and adequate parking.


Heading north along Route 1 from Machias will bring you to the Machias Boat Ramp. This facility is located next to Helen's Restaurant and provides public access to Machias Bay. This site has a cement boat ramp serviced by a float and limited daytime parking.


On Water Street, in the town of Lubec, is the Lubec Boat Ramp. This site has a cement ramp, float, outhouse and large parking lot. Currents run extremely fast in this area, so use special care to stay out of harm's way when using this ramp.


Cobscook Bay State Park is located off Route 1 on the South Edmunds Road in Edmunds Township. This state and county run facility has a newly constructed paved oat ramp that is usable throughout the tide cycle, except at an extreme low tide. A float, an outhouse and large parking lot are also located on this site.

Another boat ramp is at the Washington County Technical College. This site is on Deep Cove Road, off Route 190 in Eastport. There is a float near the ramp and parking is not a problem.

In downtown Eastport on Water Street is the Eastport Breakwater Boat Ramp. A paved/gravel boat ramp, a float and outhouse are on site. Parking for boat trailers is limited, so Ian accordingly. Shore fishing is common at this site.


The Perry Launch is a municipally maintained facility that is located off Route 1 in Perry. This site has a paved boat ramp, usable at all but extreme low tides, and a large parking lot. A scenic beach and views of fish weirs make this site an interesting place to visit.


The St. Croix Boat Ramp is located on Route 1 in Robbinston. This site has a paved boat ramp (usable at all but extreme low tides), a float, picnic tables and an outhouse. Parking for boat trailers is adequate.

Another boat ramp facility located farther river can be found at Pike's Park in Calais. This site has a blacktop ramp (unusable at low tide), float, picnic tables and adequate parking. Restrooms are located in a nearby information center.