Registration is Closed for the Maine Coastal Cleanup 2023


Maine Coastweek 

Coastweek is a national celebration of our coastal resources. In Maine, the annual Coastal Cleanup is the biggest volunteer event in the state! Since 2020, the one-day event in September has become a whole month of Cleanups around the world. Coastweek 2022 was another successful effort to keep Maine's waterfront clean, and registration for Coastweek 2023 is now open!

Registration for the 2023 Cleanup is Now Closed. Thanks for your Participation!

Maine Coastweek 2022 Results

  • Pounds cleaned - 2,580
  • Miles of waterfront cleaned - 56
  • Total volunteers - 533

Thanks to all the volunteers!  

See the 2022 ICC report for results from other parts of the world (PDF, 32 pages).

2023 Coastweek sponsor 98.9 WCLZ

The International Coastal Cleanup was established over 35 years ago to address the problem of trash in our oceans and on our coasts. The Ocean Conservancy manages the ICC and maintains a database of all the items that volunteers around the world record when collecting trash. As of 2020, the one-day event in September has become a whole month of Cleanups around the world! See the 2022 report here (PDF, 32 pages).

MCP has been the State Coordinator for the International Coastal Cleanup for over 30 years and remains committed to supporting and facilitating annual Cleanups of our coastal beaches and waterways. Volunteers join MCP by adopting a location and soliciting others to join them in cleaning up the trash from their location of choice and help to keep our coast and ocean trash free!

For news and information on the impacts of marine debris please visit the following:

To get information on the high and low tides for your Cleanup location please visit:

To promote your cleanup, download a copy of the 2023 poster by selecting the image below.

Cleanup poster

























Are you looking to volunteer? Here are cleanups in need of volunteer support:

Coastal Cleanup Coordinator Registration

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Thanks for your interest in keeping Maine's coast clean!