Maine Bacterial Closures: Shellfish Pollution Area Inventory with Legal Notices and Maps

Contact Information

  • During normal business hours: Shellfish Program Coordinator, Phone: 207-633-9515
  • During nights/weekends/holidays: The State Police barracks will put you in touch with Marine Patrol:
    • From New Hampshire border to Brunswick, barracks 1-800-228-0857
    • From Cushing/Boothbay to Lincolnville/Belfast area, barracks 1-800-452-4664
    • From Belfast to Canadian border, barracks 1-800-432-7381

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Statewide Closures
Name Description Date
Conditional Area Closures Areas 11,14,15,16,21-C,21-D, 21-E, 26 and 27 11/23/2020
Emergency Flood Closures There is a closure in the Royal River, Cousins River, Haraseeket River, Maquoit Bay, Harpswell Sound and Quahog Bay 11/25/2020
Aquaculture Closures Area # 1010-O, Area #1010-P 11/25/2020
Pollution Abatement Closures Area 39-C (B.1) 11/22/2019

Growing Area Bacterial Closure Notices with Maps (PDF files)


  • PSP (Red Tide) closures are not included in the inventory above!!
  • Some Pollution Areas contain conditional area classifications. These areas open and close depending on various conditions which effect pollution levels, such as waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, marinas, rainfall or season. You may also check the hotline at 1-800-232-4733 to see whether or not the area is open or closed. Be advised that the best information comes from your local Marine Patrol Officer, local shellfish warden, or your local Marine Patrol office.
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