Plumbers' Examining Board - Board Meeting Information

All meetings are open to members of the public for observation but not for participation. If you plan to attend this meeting, please contact the Board's office 24 hours in advance to confirm the meeting will take place as scheduled. If you have any questions concerning this agenda, please call (207) 624-8627. This agenda may be subject to change prior to the meeting date.

The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, or operation of its programs, services or activities. Individuals who need auxiliary aid for effective communication in programs and services of the Department are invited to make their needs and preferences known to the Department's ADA Compliance Coordinator.

All meetings are held at the Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation at 76 Northern Avenue, Gardiner, ME.

2021 Board Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
February 8, 2021

Agenda (PDF)

Procedural Meeting Rules (PDF)

Join the meeting online

Meeting ID: 836 5850 8295

Passcode: Kh4!CNgE


February Meeting Minutes (PDF)
March 15, 2021

March Agenda (PDF)

Join the meeting online

Meeting ID: 879 7751 5596

Passcode: meFN5gN.


March Meeting Minutes (PDF)
April 12, 2021

April Meeting Agenda (PDF)

April Procedural Meeting Rules (PDF)

Join the meeting online

Meeting ID:  882 3623 4637

Passcode: a=k9Yv4X

April Meeting Minutes (PDF)
June 7, 2021

June Meeting Agenda (PDF)

June Meeting Addendum (PDF)

June Procedural Meeting Rules (PDF)

Join the June Meeting Online:

Meeting ID:  882 7537 1686

Passcode:  &D1xh!wg

August 9, 2021    
October 4, 2021    
December 13, 2021    


2020 Board Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
February 10, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
April 13, 2020 Cancelled  
May 11, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
July 13, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
August 10, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
August 31, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
October 5, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Cancelled and rescheduled for October 14, 2020
October 14, 2020 Agenda (PDF) Meeting Minutes (PDF)
December 14, 2020 Agenda (PDF)