Electricians' Examining Board - Examinations

The State of Maine Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation “agency” and the Maine Electricians’ Examining Board oversees the licensing process for professional licensing. The State has contracted with Prov, Inc. to develop its licensing examination program for professional occupations. 

A Candidate Information Bulletin has been developed to help explain the rules and processes candidates will need to undertake to complete the testing requirements for their professional licenses, including a breakdown of the number of exam questions, how many questions by category and suggested study materials including reference book ISBN information and website URL information to obtain needed reference materials.

To become licensed, a candidate must demonstrate competency by passing the required exam or exams in their professional field for which licensure is being sought.

Candidates must submit an examination application to the Electricians' Examining Board and receive Board approval. Upon approval, you will be sent an email with an attached exam approval notice containing the procedures to schedule your exam appointment. 

Prov is not authorized to make the determination of which examination(s) candidates must take. If a candidate is unsure which exam is needed for the license being sought resolve this question before registering. Candidates with questions on examination and licensing eligibility can visit our website. If candidates take the wrong exam, the exam fee will not be refunded.

IMPORTANT: Applicants must receive Board approval prior to sitting for an examination. Examination scores of applicants who take the examination prior to receiving Board approval will be null and void.

Online applications are now available. Apply online