Board of Examiners of Psychologists - Licensing - Psychologists, Conditional Psychologists, Temporary Psychologists

Psychologist means a person practices as a "psychologist" within the meaning of this chapter when he holds himself out to be a psychologist, or renders to individuals or to the public for remuneration any service involving the application of recognized principles, methods and procedures of the science and profession of psychology. Services which may be provided by psychologists include diagnosing, assessing and treating mental, emotional and psychological illness, disorders, problems and concerns and evaluation and treatment of vocational, social, educational, behavioral, intellectual and learning and cognitive disorders. These functions are performed through recognized psychological techniques such as, but not limited to, psychological testing, psychological interviews, psychological assessments, psychotherapy, personality counseling, behavior modification, cognitive therapies, learning therapies, biofeedback, hypnotherapy and psychological consultation to individuals and organizations.

How to apply


  • License Fee: $250.00
  • Criminal background check fee: $21.00
  • Conditional License fee $200.00 (Cannot renew)
  • Temporary License fee $200.00 (Cannot renew)


  • Annually, April 30th

Conditional and Temporary Licenses:

  • 1 year from date of issue


General Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Documentation of supervised experience
  • Supplement to the application, if required
  • A copy of your Official transcript
  • Copy of a current license
  • Verification of licensure from each state where the applicant holds or has ever held a license
  • Exam scores must be sent directly to the Board from the Testing Company
  • If applying for conditional license or a temporary license a letter of agreement must be signed by you and a licensed Maine psychologist who will be supervising your work.


  • Received a doctoral degree from an accredited institution
  • Has had at least 2 years of experience in psychology


  • Pass the National Board Exam- Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), passing score 70%, and pass the Maine Jurisprudence Exam.

Other Requirements

  • Demonstrate that you are trustworthy and competent to engage in the practice of psychology as to safeguard the interests of the public

Renewal fees and information


  • Annually renewal fee $125.00


  • Renews annually on April 30th

Renew Now

  • Fill out the online renewal application and submit.

    The Department must verify that you have met all the conditions for renewal before your license is renewed. Online submission of your renewal application should not be construed as automatic renewal of your license.


  • Renewal applications received after the expiration date will required a late fee of $50.00 An individual who submits an application for renewal more than 90 days after the license expiration date is subject to all requirements governing new applicants under this chapter, except that the board may, in its discretion and giving due consideration to the protection of the public, waive examination if that renewal application is made within 2 years from the date of that expiration. The ninety-day extended renewal period should not in any way be construed to permit the practice of psychology after the date of expiration.
  • Renewal reminders are emailed to the email address on file at least 30 days prior to the license expiration date. It is the licensee's responsibility to keep the Board informed of current contact information and to see that the license is renewed absent the renewal application. Reminder includes licensee’s access code which, along with license number, is required for online renewal.
  • Continuing Education: The continuing education period for the 2014 renewal is from May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2014. The board is no longer requiring the submission of continuing education log reports in January nor is it accepting continuing education documents at the time of licensure renewal. Continuing education will be certified on the renewal form you complete. Submission of logs and continuing education documents will take place when the board conducts an audit of a randomly selected group of licensees. You will receive written notice if selected for an audit.