Course Schedule

Qualifying Education Course Schedule (PDF) - Schedule of courses designed to qualify an individual for a sales agent license and pre-requisite courses for associate broker and broker licenses.


Qualifying Education Course Approval

Qualifying Education Course Approval/Renewal Application Packet (PDF)- Application for real estate schools and course providers to obtain Commission approval of courses designed to qualify an individual for a sales agent license and of pre-requisite courses for associate broker and broker licenses.

Instructor's Summary of Student Evaluations - Qualification Education Program (PDF)

Student Evaluation of Qualification Education Program (PDF)


Qualifying Education Course Guidelines

Course outlines for qualifying education course instructors and students. Licensing examination candidates may also find the outlines helpful study tools.

The Sales Agent Course (PDF)

The Associate Broker Course (PDF)

The Designated Broker Course (PDF)


Continuing Education Audit

Be sure you receive a certificate of completion for every continuing education course you take and keep your certificates in a safe place. Even though you are NOT required to submit proof of continuing education when renewing your license, you WILL need to furnish certificates if you are audited.

If you are chosen for the audit, you will receive a notice from the Commission about 30 days after you renewed your license asking you to send your certificates for 21 hours of approved continuing education. The current Core Course must have been completed as part of the 21 hours. The hours must have been completed BEFORE you submitted your license renewal application to the Real Estate Commission.

You will be subject to disciplinary action if you are audited and are unable to show that you had completed the continuing education requirement before submitting your renewal to the Commission. Disciplinary action may include penalties such as a fine, additional education, suspension or revocation of your license.

Your livelihood is at stake. Be sure you have completed all the requirements for renewal BEFORE you submit your renewal application and that you are able to produce all necessary certificates of completion as evidence.


About Continuing Education and Renewal

Did You Know ???...

  • All you need to do to renew your license is send your completed and signed renewal application and fee to the Commission or complete the renewal online. You do not need to submit continuing education certificates with your renewal application. However, you must have completed all of the required hours of continuing education before you submit your renewal application to the Commission.
  • You must pay a $50 late fee in addition to the regular renewal fee if you renew your license after the expire date. This applies to all renewable license types including inactive.
  • Also on January 1, 2002, the Real Estate Commission ceased keeping record of licensees' continuing education. All continuing education records were deleted from the licensing files and the Commission can no longer tell you which courses you may have taken for your current or previous renewals.