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Unit 2: Friends

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Unit 2 Center Language Supports

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Songs, Word Play, Letters and Numbers

Poems   Flannel Board Pieces  Clue Game
Five Juicy Apples    Zoo Animals    Descriptions
Five Little Owls   Sheep     Picture Cards
Mix a Pancake    
Three Little Monkeys    
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Full Day   Part Day

Center Language Supports

Full Day   Part Day

Center Language Supports

Full Day  Part Day

Center Language Supports

Full Day  Part Day

Center Language Supports

Full Day  Part Day

Art Studio

Making Stationary (Resource)


Pizza Painting

Chalk Drawings


Texture Rubbing

Sorting Beautiful Stuff


Collaborative Paintings

Collaborative Creations


Celebration Posters


Crayon Resist



Bldg. a Neighborhood


Constructing a Playground (Resource)

Transporting Food

Adding Beautiful Stuff



Washing Dishes

Molding Sand

Roads and Sidewalks




Celebration (Resource)

Grocery Store & Market

(Job Tasks)   (Job Tags)


Barbershop (Resource)


Celebration resource



Cooking Pans & Utensils



From Farm to Table



Beautiful Stuff

(Family Letter)


Grocery Store Jobs (Resource)


Road Builders (Resource)


Markets Around the World (Resource)

Advertisement Signs



Loveys (Resource)


Barbershop (Resource)

Invitations to Celebration


Celebration Expectations


Celebration Jobs and Tasks



Research Recipes



Pinata Book




Classroom Friends


Sorting Objects (Resource)


Classroom Friends Memory Match





Mouse’s First Fall


Sort It Out



Hand in Hand


Exploring Measuring Tools



Buddy Counting


Playing with Friends


Every Buddy Counts



Shape Capers (small group)


Shape Capers (large group)

Hot Potato


Exploring Part and Whole


Pigs Love Potatoes

Read Aloud

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza


A Letter to Amy

Matthew and Tilly

Hooray, A Pinata!




Small Group

Making Pizzas (Resource)


Friendship Pictures (Resource)


Dough Letters

Sorting Groceries (Resource)


Vocab Picture Words Match (Resource)


Upper/Lowercase Letter Match

Pinata Paper Mache


Making Lemonade (Resource)


Vocabulary Picture Cards (Resource)

Decorating Pinata


Celebration Invitations




Unit 2 Week 1

Unit 2 Week 2

Unit 2 Week 3

Unit 2 Week 4



Writing on Stationary (Resource)

Documenting a Process




A Class Book About Friends



Making Pizzas


Researching Recipes

Texture Rubbing


Constructing a Playground

Making Lemonade


Transporting Food



Transporting Food


Outdoor Learning

Nature Extensions

Unit 2 Week 1

Unit 2 Week 2


Chipmunks & Squirrels

Unit 2 Week 3


Seed Dispersal

Unit 2 Week 4


Migrate, Activate, Hibernate

Unit 2 Week 5


Bubbling Pinecone


Unit 2: Math Overview                      Where’s the Math Rational Counting                             Where’s the Math-Language in Literacy