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**Updated April 7, 2020**

Continuity of Learning Pre-K


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Teachers help teachers...Check this out it you have an idea or a resource worth sharing or want to see what other teachers are doing to remain in contact with students and assist families during this time. 


It is a local decision for a school district in Maine to develop a public preschool, also referred to as a Pre K or 4-year old (4YO), program.  A child must be four years old by October 15th to attend a program receiving state subsidy and must meet the requirements set forth in Chapter 124: Basic Approval Standards: Public Preschool Programs . 

Public preschools are approved and monitored by Maine DOE and funded through its Essential Programs & Services (EPS) formula, and/or through local school budgets. Approximately 35% of Maine’s public preschools are in partnership with a Head Start agency, local child care or private preschool program. 

Almost 80% of Maine school districts offer at least one public preschool classroom and approximately 40% of all eligible children are enrolled in Pre K statewide.

Important Guidance for Pre K Enrollment and Attendance


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