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Division Job Responsibility Telephone (207) Email
Ackroyd Adriane Child Nutrition Services Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6726 Email
Adkins Sarah School Health Student Assistance Coordinator 624-6685 Email
Adley Mary Special Services Consultant for State Agency Programs 624-6671 Email
Allen Amy Charter School Commission Support Staff 624-6720 Email
Allen Joanne School Finance and Operations Director 624-6790 Email
Alley Dan Child Development Services Human Resources Director 624-6675 Email
Appleby Kimberly Child Development Services Central Referral Coordinator 624-6682 Email
Babb Elaine Commissioner's Office Budget Director 624-7413 Email
Backus Meredith Special Services Management Analyst 624-6865 Email
Backus Tyler School Finance and Operations School Finance and Compliance Coordinator 624-6635 Email
Baehr Courtney Certification Specialist 624-6603 Email
Banden Sheryl Certification Support 624-6603 Email
Batista Ida School Finance and Operations School Finance Coordinator 624-6795 Email
Bean Stacey Special Services State Agency Client Program Support 624-6655 Email
Beesley Walter Child Nutrition Services Specialist 624-6843 Email
Belanger Ann Special Services Deputy Director 624-6640 Email
Bergeron Richard School Finance and Operations EDFacts Fed. Reporting Coordinator 624-6840 Email
Berry Susan School Health Health Education & Health Promotion Coordinator 624-6695 Email
Bisbee Michele Nutrition Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6708 Email
Breton Janice Special Services Director 624-6676 Email
Briggs Elaine Career & Technical Education  Support Staff 624-6711 Email
Brown Scott Facilities, Safety and Transportation Director 624-6883 Email
Brown-Mooney Nancy Child Development Services Staff Accountant 624-6857 Email
Bubier Rachel Certification Support 624-6603 Email
Buckhalter Eric Learning Systems Team Management Analyst - Assessment 624-6770 Email
Byras Leora Special Services Education Specialist 624-6618 Email
Casey Rhonda Education in Unorganized Territory Business Manager 624-6894 Email
Chadwick Katherine Special Services Secretary Associate 624-6644 Email
Chase Jayne Special Services Education Specialist 624-6668 Email
Chase Cindy Child Nutrition CACFP Program Spec. 624-7916 Email
Chiang Valerie Facilities, Safety and Transportation School Construction Coordinator 624-6693 Email
Clark Stephanie School Finance and Operations Fiscal Review and Compliance 624-6807 Email
Colby Kelly School Finance and Operations Office Specialist II 624-6793 Email
Collier Shawn Special Services Data and Research Coordinator 624-6615 Email
Cota Brandi Learning Through Techonology Support 624-6679 Email
Cummings Kelly Child Development Services AP Processor 624-6714 Email
Cunningham Nena Learning Systems Team Headstart Collaboration Director 624-6601 Email
Cunningham Ryan Maine Education Data Management System Data Team Support 624-6809 Email
Denis Nicole Commissioner's Office

Financial Analyst

624-7423 Email
Despins Danielle Career & Technical Education 

Method of Administration Coordinator Comprehensive School Review Coordinator

624-6743 Email
Dichter Megan Adult Education Special Projects 624-6753 Email
Doiron Diana Learning Systems Team CED Specialist; Hancock County Region Representative 624-6823 Email
Doughty Travis Learning Systems Team Fed Grants Coordinator: 21st CCLC/SIG/NCLB 624-6709 Email
Dunton Morgan Learning Systems Team English Language Arts 6-12 Content Specialist / Midcoast Regional Representative 624-6625 Email
Ellis Charlotte School Finance and Operations Education Data Manager 624-6696 Email
Emberley David Special Services Team Education Specialist II 624-6646 Email
Erdheim Gayle Learning System Team McKinney-Vento TDAE Coordinator 624-6637 Email
Fayle Kaitlin Child Nutrition Services Outreach Coordinator 624-6875 Email
Fitzgerald Terri Child Nutrition Services Commodity Coordinator 624-6882 Email
Ford-Taylor Pamela Hi. Ed. & Ed. Support Svcs. School Enrollment Ed. Spec. 624-6617 Email
Fortin-Trimble Chelsey Learning Systems Team ESEA Federal Programs 624-6815 Email
Fowler Roy Child Development Services CDS State Director 592-6079 Email
Fowler Stacia Special Services Surrogate Parents/ Special Purpose Private 624-6670 Email
Friedman Deborah Maine Learning Technology Initiative Project Manager 624-6834 Email
Fuller Bettie Child Development Services Accounts Payable Supervisor 624-6686 Email
Fyfe Stephanie Certification Team Coordinator 624-6603 Email
Giguere Brandi Special Services Statistician II 624-6648 Email
Gilbert Dede Commissioner's Office Secretary Specialist 624-6606 Email
Godbout Jackie Learning Systems Team Title 1 Program Consultant 624-6712 Email
Godfrey Nancy Learning Systems Team Assessment Coordinator 624-6775 Email
Goodwin Heidi Learning Systems Team K-3 Pilot Literacy Specialist 624-6835 Email
Gravelle Paula School Finance and Operations School Finance Coordinator 624-6792 Email
Gribben Emily Hi. Ed. & Ed. Support Svcs. Educator Effectiveness Coordinator 624-6748 Email
Hachey Jonathan Child Development Services Data Manager 441-1127 Email
Harford Jim Facilities,Safety and Transportation Public Service Coordinator II 624-6883 Email
Hartley David Child Nutrition Services Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6843 Email
Harvey Margaret Career & Technical Education Middle School 624-6739 Email
Heath Kelley Adult Education Adult Education Data/HSE Coordinator 624-6754 Email
Henry Penny Learning Systems Team ESSA Data Coordinator 624-6855 Email
Hemdal Daniel Special Services Education Specialist III 624-6674 Email
Henderson Helen Learning Systems Team Grant Accountant 624-6629 Email
Hinckley Pat Facilities, Safety and Transportation Transportation and Facilities Administrator 624-6886 Email
Holmes Jaci Commissioner's Office Federal Liaison 624-6669 Email
Johnson- Becker Mary State Board of Education Secretary Associate 624-6616 Email
Kautz Bob Charter School Commission Director 624-6728 Email
King Carole Learning Systems Team Support Staff 624-6626 Email
Kirk Janette Office of Learning Systems Deputy Director 624-6707 Email
Kliphan Dawn Special Services Contract/Grant Specialist 624-6649 Email
Labbe Clarissa Child Development Services Support Staff 624-6662 Email
LaCasce Beverly Child Development Services Payroll & Benefit Specialist 624-6862 Email
Lagasse Shawn Career & Technical Education Consultant, Business and Industry, Pre-Apprenticeship, OSHA, Green, Program Approval 624-6743 Email
Lajoie Deborah School Finance and Operations EMBRACE Team Regionalization Specialist 624-6613 Email
Lambert Beth Learning Systems Team

Coordinator of Secondary Education and Integrated Instruction



Landry Sean Commissioner's Office Web Coordinator 624-6684 Email
Lane Shelley Education in Unorganized Territory Superintendent, Education in the Unorganized Territory 624-6892 Email
Larsen LeeAnn Learning Systems Team ELA K-5, Literacy Specialist, Reading First Coord, Kennebec Valley Reg Rep 624-6628 Email
Lewis Regina Learning Systems Team Coordinator for National and International Assessments 624-6715 Email
Libby Jason Higher Education Higher Education Specialist 624-6856 Email
Littlefield Dwight Career & Technical Education Director 624-6721 Email
Loredo Ángel Hi. Ed. & Ed. Support Svcs. Director 624-6846 Email
Lucas Roberta Special Services Federal Program Coordinator 624-6621 Email
Lyons Amelia Learning Systems Team Consultant for Migratory and Highly Mobile Students 624-6722 Email
Madden Jonathan Child Development Services Support 624-6665 Email
Madore Nicole Learning Systems Team Early Childhood Monitor 624-6677 Email
Mailhot Michele Learning Systems Team 6-12 Mathematics Content Specialist / Penquis Regional Representative 624-6829 Email
Makin Pender Commissioner's Office Acting Commissioner 624-6620 Email
Mank Alissa Child Nutrition Services CACFP Contract Spec. 624-6842 Email
McGowen Barbara Special Services Finance Coordinator-Special Services 624-6645 Email
McKay Danielle Commissioner's Office Federal/State Legislative Coordination Support 624-6620 Email
McLaughlin Faith Career & Technical Education Support Staff 624-6736 Email
Menifield Nathaniel Learning Systems Team Visual & Performing Arts Specialist/ Cumberland County Region Representative 624-6824 Email
Michaud Kristopher Child Development Services CDS Part B Tech Advisor 592-1406 Email
Nadeau Paula Child Nutrition Support 624-6842 Email
Nay Sue Learning Systems Team Alternate Assessment Coordinator 624-6774 Email
Nguyen Amanda Maine Learning Technology Initiative Digital Learning Specialist 624-6656 Email
O'Neill Colene Special Services Secretary Specialist 624-6713 Email
Osier Cristy Learning Systems Team Office Associate II 624-6705 Email
Paine Mary Commissioner's Office Chief of Planning and Implementation 624-6672 Email
Paling Rachel Commissioner's Office Director of Communications 624-6747 Email
Partridge Pamela Facilities, Safety and Transportation Support Staff 624-6848 Email
Peaslee Teri Learning Systems Team School Support PD Coordinator 624-6706 Email
Pelletier Julie Special Services Office Specialist I 624-6652 Email
Perkins April English as a Second Language / Bilingual Education Director, Title III 624-6627 Email
Perry Lisa Adult Education Support Staff 624-6752 Email
Pinkham Stephanie Maine Learning Technology Initiative MLTI Project Associate 624-6746 Email
Pinnette Ann Facilities, Safety and Transportation Facilities Coordinator 624-6885 Email
Platt Sarah Child Nutrition Services Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6879 Email
Plowman Debra Commissioner's Office Director of Policies and Programs 624-6620 Email
Poland Amy Adult Education Specialist 624-6780 Email
Poland Emily Learning Systems Team School Nurse Consultant 624-6688 Email
Pooler Jennifer School Finance and Operations EMBRACE Team Regionalization Specialist 624-6783 Email
Post Gina Charter School Commission Director of Program Management 441-6571 Email
Reed Sue Learning Systems Team Early Childhood Consultant 624-6632


Reinhard Erin Certification Specialist 624-6603 Email
Robertson Doug Career & Technical Education Specialist, Agriculture Education 624-6744 Email
Roderick Danielle Certification Support Staff 624-6603 Email
Rogers Lavinia Learning Systems Team World Language Specialist/ York County Region Representative 624-6825 Email
Roy Sylvia Certification Support 624-6603 Email
Rush Carol Child Development Services Office Operational Manager 624-6633 Email
Saucier Danielle Learning Services Team Elementary Literacy Specialist/ Aroostook County Regional Representative 624-6702 Email
Schmidt Joe Learning Systems Team Social Studies Specialist/ Western Maine Region Representative 624-6828 Email
Sedgwick Jeannette Special Services Special Project Manager 624-6654 Email
Senese Gail Adult Education Director, Even Start Coordinator 624-6752 Email
Severence Cathy Education in Unorganized Territory Secretary Specialist 624-6892 Email
Soldati Colette Special Services Education Specialist 624-6689 Email
Stade Cristina Student and Schools Suppports Support 624-6694 Email
Stambach Stephanie Child Nutrition Services Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6732 Email
Stitt-Kittredge Nanci Child Nutrition Services Account Clerk 624-6877 Email
Tarr Jennifer Commissioner's Office Director of Special Projects 624-6612 Email
Taylor April Child Nutrition Services Child Nutrition Consultant 624-6876 Email
Templeton Shari Learning Systems Team Science and Technology Content Specialist / Kennebec Valley Regional Representative 624-6880 Email
Tiner Donna Career & Technical Education Perkins Grant Manager 624-6731 Email
Tobey Cheryl Learning Systems Team Elementary 
Mathematics Specialist/ Washington County Region Representative
624-6673 Email
Towers Denise School Finance and Operations Fiscal Review and Compliance Coordinator 624-6863 Email
Valliere Georgette Commissioner's Office Assistant to the Commissioner 624-6605 Email
Vellani Jamie Child Development Services Payroll and Human Resources Assistant 624-6832 Email
Vigue Brenda Certification Office Manager 624-6603 Email
Violette Deborah Commissioner's Office Secretary 624-6622 Email
Warren Katherine School Finance and Operations Ed. System Data Manager 624-6716 Email
Weeks Daniel Learning Systems Team

ESEA Title VI/Title I Data Analyst

624-6749 Email
Wells Christina Child Development Services Accounts Payable 624-6838 Email
Wilkes Lynne Child Development Services Accounts Payable 624-6819 Email
Wilson Susan Education in Unorganized Territory Accounting Associate I 624-6893 Email
Younce Dawn Child Development Services Accounts Payable 624-6785 Email
Zimmerman Jean School Health Health Education & Physical Education Consultant 624-6687 Email