Maine Department of Educations Core Priorities and Goals

The Core Priorities and Goals for
Putting Students First

In 2012, the Maine DOE launched Education Evolving, a strategic plan intended to begin and remain faithful to putting students first in public education, even as shifts in pedagogy, research, and policies continually occur. When Commissioner Robert G. Hasson Jr. was appointed, he sought not only to identify the next steps the Department should take in order to build on the work that has been done but also to deepen our understanding of what it really means to put students first. Within the Department, the Commissioner engaged a dedicated and energetic staff in conversations, reflection, and learning. Outside the Department, Commissioner Hasson traveled the state on a conversation tour, seeking to learn about our students’ most urgent needs, and the achievements that schools are celebrating. The overarching goal was to learn how we can help school communities build new opportunities for a changing population and workforce. We believe that the priorities and goals described in this document will guide us well in supporting our public schools in empowering students to provide for their own success in work, study, and life.

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