Diploma Requirements

Governor Mills signed into law PL 2019, Chapter 202 on June 5, 2019, repealing proficiency-based diplomas, and adding the ability to count equivalent standards achievement in place of course credit. This change takes effect on September 19th, 2019.

Instruction in the following subjects must be provided in separate or integrated study programs, and students must complete the following minimum requirements for a high school diploma:

A. English--4 years or the equivalent in standards achievement;
B. Social studies and history, including American history, government, civics and
personal finance--2 years or the equivalent in standards achievement;
C. Mathematics--2 years or the equivalent in standards achievement;
D. Science, including at least one year of laboratory study--2 years or the equivalent
in standards achievement; and

E. Fine arts, which may include art, music, forensics or drama--one year or the
equivalent in standards achievement.


These requirements reflect the minimum required by the State in order for a school administrative unit (SAU) to award a high school diploma. All SAUs have the ability, through local policy, to add requirements to these minimums.

The Maine Department of Education acknowledges that Maine schools have a variety of schedules and that courses are not always offered over the duration of one year. Therefore, the Maine Department of Education interprets "year" to mean the successful completion of a course.


    For information on diploma requirements or Department initiatives: Beth.Lambert@maine.gov or 207- 624-6642

    For inquires: Kelli Deveaux, Director of Communications, Maine Department of Education, (207) 624-6747