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Welcome to MOOSE - Maine Opportunities for Online Sustained Education

In response to the inequitable access to in-person education faced by Maine students at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, MOOSE was created to leverage the expertise of Maine educators to develop a free resource for online learning. In the first year alone, over 300 project-based, interdisciplinary modules were created spanning all grades from PreK-12.

Now in its second year, MOOSE continues to innovate and evolve, expanding the capabilities of our dedicated online platform and working with educators to develop modules that fit within dedicated PreK-12 learning progressions. What started as an emergency response has become a growing repository of quality content and resources that are used as support-rich enhancements to school based education.

MOOSE has also become known for its quality professional development, helping Maine educators expand and deepen their own practice even as they create content for the platform. The relationships and learning that come from being on a MOOSE team, along with the support to innovate and iterate on their ideas, are what keeps these educators coming back session after session as Content Creators.


Jenn Page, PhD
MOOSE Project Manager 

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