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Who We Are

MOOSE Instructional Designers

MOOSE Instructional Designers are the heart of the work we do with MOOSE and are found through open calls for applications two or more times a year. All Maine educators are eligible to apply (e.g., classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, and representatives from Maine educational organizations such as museums, libraries, educational centers, etc.). Instructional Designers are tasked with creating modules that center on interdisciplinary, project-based learning experiences that are accessible and inclusive. These stipend-based positions involve an average of 8-10 hours a week over the span of roughly 5 months and include substantial professional development and community building.

MOOSE Team Leaders

MOOSE Team Leaders facilitate a team of Instructional Designers in the design and creation of engaging and accessible modules that focus on identified topic areas. These are full-time positions and are filled both by Distinguished Educators from Maine classrooms and other contracted educators.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MOOSE stand for?
Maine Online Open-Source Education
No. It is a collection of independent educational learning modules and materials that are aligned to the Maine Learning Results.
No. MOOSE modules are not mandated or required by the State of Maine. They are simply an optional, free resource for educators to use as desired.
Maine educators with support from Department of Education staff and additional content specialists.
MOOSE is an open access resource that is available to anyone who would like to explore it. Students can use MOOSE with guidance from a teacher to get credit for their learning.
No. MOOSE does not collect any personally identifying information from users. Users may choose to create an account which will allow them to pick up where they left off in the module but this is not required for use.


Meet the Core MOOSE Team

  • Jennifer Page, MOOSE Project Manager
    Jenn Page, PhD, MOOSE Project Manager

    jennifer.page@maine.gov, 207-530-2963

    Jenn Page joins the MOOSE project bringing with her 5 years of Maine public school teaching and 6 years as the Director of Education at the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership. Jenn specializes in designing transformative, place-based student learning experiences and is adept at facilitating others to do the same. Outside of MOOSE, she works as a sustainable leadership strategist, helping educators and other leaders create sustainable systems change without sacrificing their wellness in the process. Jenn also serves on the Board of the Maine Environmental Education Association, the University of Maine Honors College, and is an adjunct instructor with Antioch University. She lives in midcoastal Maine on the unceded homeland of the Wabanaki people (Panawahpskek Nation) with her husband and their cat, Loki, where she is learning to connect more deeply with her own sense of place and loves keeping everything organized (and visually appealing!) with bullet journaling and paper planning.

  • Stephanie Connors, MOOSE Team Leader
    Stephanie Connors, MEd, MOOSE Team Leader, Iteration & Improvement

    stephanie.connors@maine.gov, 207-215-9438

    Stephanie Connors begins her 4th year with The MOOSE Project as Team Leader for Innovation and Improvement. Before joining MOOSE full-time, she was an elementary teacher with experience at all grade levels in both regular and special education settings. She also instructs a course in elementary social studies methods at the University of Maine (Go Black Bears!) as an Adjunct Professor. Stephanie has a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology from UMaine that she puts to good use every day on the MOOSE. She's grateful and excited to continue the MOOSE journey for one final year. It's sure to be one of continued innovation, failing forward, learning, and collaborating with extraordinary educators from across Maine. If you want to catch up with Stephanie, you'll have to pull her nose out of a book, or take away her knitting or sewing. You might find her outside hiking or walking in the woods with her husband of 27 years and children aged 15 and 26.

  • Andrew Doak, MOOSE Team Leader
    Andrew Doak, MOOSE Team Leader, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    andrew.doak@maine.gov, 207-485-3445

    Andrew Doak joined the MOOSE team Year 3 as the Cybersecurity Team Leader and is now leading the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Team. He comes to the DOE from the Maine Ocean School where he served for three years as Humanities Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Program Committee Chair and Assistant Building Administrator, and has been a content creator since second module in January 2021. Before that, Andrew spent 8 years in Special Education, Teaching in the Day-Treatment and Resource Room settings all in central Maine where he has lived his adult life. He received a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Maine with a double major in Secondary Social Studies and History, and a minor in Political Science. In his free time, Andrew is often known to be entertaining friends and family with large meals and wild yarns, golfing, reading or watching fantasy series and tinkering on computers.

  • Brianne Lolar, MOOSE Team Leader
    Brianne Lolar, Panawahpskek citizen, Wabanaki Studies Specialist

    brianne.lolar@maine.gov, 207-816-0733

    Brianne joined the MOOSE project in 2022 as a Team Leader for the Wabanaki Studies team. She previously worked at Old Town Elementary school in a number of different roles. She graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor's in Social Work, Master of Arts in Teaching in Elementary Education, and Master's in Literacy. Brianne is the Wabanaki Studies Specialist supporting the collaborative efforts between the Wabanaki nations, Indigenous and non- Indigenous educators, districts, and other organizations supporting educators in their work to integrate Wabanaki studies into existing PK-12 curricula.  

  • Kristen Shaw, MOOSE Team Leader
    Kristen Shaw, MOOSE Team Leader, Data Science

    kristen.shaw@maine.gov, 207-816-1506

    Kristen Shaw continues her second year as a MOOSE Team Leader for two different teams of instructional designers. The first team, Data Science, will continue its work from last year building modules for their PK-12 data science learning progression. The second, team, Educator Resources, will focus on developing materials for educators and students for existing MOOSE modules. This year, Kristen will lean into concept-based inquiry as a way to support meaningful learning experiences for students through project-based, and place-based, learning. Kristen joined MOOSE after teaching 14 years for the Brewer School Department and 5 years for the University of Maine. Kristen has a Master's Degree in Literacy and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Her professional passions include integrated, instructional design and best practices that maximize efficiency of teaching for effectiveness of learning. Kristen has dedicated the last few years providing state-level professional development for teachers in the areas of instructional planning and visual learning progressions. Her personal passions include serving the community with her family, coaching and watching sports, reading a variety of books.


Jenn Page, PhD
MOOSE Project Manager