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The Office of Innovation believes that by empowering bold innovators in education through professional development, resource creation and dissemination, convenings, grants, and support for policy implementation, we will develop, nurture, and foster educational innovation and new ideas at all levels of public school organizations, which will ensure that all learners are prepared to achieve their postsecondary aspirations.


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Building Assets, Reducing Risks (BARR)

The BARR system uses eight interlocking strategies that build intentional relationships (staff to staff, staff to student, and student to student) and utilizes real-time data to enable schools to achieve concrete academic, social, and emotional outcomes for every student.

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Climate Education

Climate education is a crucial component of supporting Maine's climate initiatives and goals. Climate education will foster a generation of Mainers that are ready to take on the worlds challenges and support all Maine communities. This can look many different ways. It can be accessible to all through interdisciplinary and age-appropriate content. 

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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is organized learning that happens outside and allows students to interact with the natural environment. With support from existing partners in environmental, nature-based education, as well as from educators using outdoor education throughout the state, Maine hopes to grow and expand the use of outdoor education.

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Rethinking Responsive Education Ventures

The Reinventing, Remote, Education, Venture (RREV) puts Maine educators at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation! The Maine Department of Education has been awarded $16.9 million to support and develop projects that will strengthen a culture of innovation in PK-12 education, making Maine educators the nation’s leaders when it comes to innovation in and outside of our classrooms.




Page Nichols
Chief Innovation Officer
Office of Innovation
Phone: 207-592-1216