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Top 10 Recommended Actions for Emergencies 

Emergencies can happen at any time. Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) School Safety Working Group has just released its latest recommendations on school safety. While we can never be completely safe or immune, here are the top ten recommended actions that you can take today that will improve your chances to prevent and handle them effectively.

  1. Comprehensive School Safety Assessment
  2. School Climate
  3. Campus, Building, and Classroom Security
  4. Anonymous Reporting Systems
  5. Coordination with First Responders
  6. Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Team
  7. School-Based Law Enforcement
  8. Mental Health Resources
  9. Drills
  10. Social Media Monitoring


School Emergency Management

The Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) will provide school emergency management training for all our stakeholders and constituents. Our training will consist of a basic, intermediate, and advanced training. Visit our School Emergency Management page for more information and resources.

Behavioral Threat Assessment Management

Behavioral Threat Assessment Management provides schools with a proactive, evidence-based approach to evaluate threats and determine how likely a person is to carry out a threat of violence. The MSSC provides resources based in best practice for schools to develop and implement BTAM programs.

Restorative Practices

The MSSC will provide guidance, technical support, training, and facilitation to the schools in the understanding and use of Restorative Practices. Visit our Restorative Practices page for more information and resources.


The MSSC will provide ongoing trainings in all service areas. Visit our Training page for dates of upcoming trainings, opportunities through our partners,  recorded webinars, and for more information on the Maine Safe Schools Initiative

School Safety & Security

The Maine School Safety Center is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of schools.  Visit our School Safety & Security page for more information and resources.

Legislation & Policy

The MSSC will provide subject matter expert consultation, guidance and training for Legislation and Policy development and implementation. Visit our Legislation & Policy page for more information and resources.