School Emergency Management

School Emergency Management Training

The Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) will provide school emergency management training for all our stakeholders and constituents. Our training will consist of a basic, intermediate and advanced training. Here are links to our partners:

  • Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools website REMS
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency website FEMA
  • Maine Emergency Management Agency website MEMA

Maine Requirements

Maine DOE Rules

  • Visit School Board approval of Comprehensive Health and Safety Emergency Managment Plan here section 16
  • Lockdown and Evacuation Drills: visit the Maine Gov website and select Ch. 125 section 5.17

MEMA requirements- visit website here, visit the document here. All School Administrators should have the following FEMA courses:

Emergency Operations Planning (EOP)

The MSSC will provide guidance, technical support, training, and facilitation to the school in order to assure every school in Maine possesses a comprehensive, high-quality school emergency operations plan.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Safety Team Planning Principles.pdf

Top 3 considerations and links to resources.pdf

Safety teams.pdf