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Human Factors in Homeland Security
2023 Winter Institute

An October report from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported that major catastrophic disasters in the U.S. resulting in $1 billion or more in damages are now occurring once every 18 days, compared to once every 82 days in the 1980s and mass shootings across the country have hit record levels in 2022, according to Northeastern University's Violence and Justice Research Lab. Now more than ever, powerful emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are shaping the threat landscape and behavioral response to disasters and emergencies. From heightened concerns about active shooters to the ongoing pandemic, powerful storms, acts of civil unrest, and domestic extremism, this dynamic threat landscape calls for decision-makers and responders to have a comprehensive understanding of human behavior in crisis conditions.

The winter schedule allows Behavioral Science Applications LLC to offer some of our most popular and useful training programs, as well as new and evolving topics, in a condensed 8-week institute format. The eight one-hour classes are offered individually and in series as certificate programs.

Participants can join the live, instructor-led online classes each Wednesday from January 11 through March 1 at 1:00 PM (ET),or view the recorded programs at their convenience. Attendance to the live classes is not required for the certificate programs.

Stay current with the ever-changing threat landscape and give yourself a strategic and tactical advantage by applying accurate behavioral assumptions in all of your emergency and security-related preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. Register for individual classes or a certificate program today! Contact us for more information at   

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