Education In Unorganized Territory (EUT)

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Pursuant to 2001, c. 454, §11 (AMD), children who reside with a parent in the unorganized territory or who are resident emancipated minors or residents at least 18 years old are eligible to attend elementary and secondary schools and to receive appropriate special education and related services without charge to themselves or their parents. Education must be provided in alignment with the system of learning results as established in section 6209 under the direction of the commissioner and must meet the general standards for elementary and secondary schooling and special education established.


  • Unorganized territory - territory not part of a municipality.
  • Unorganized unit - an unorganized township, gore, strip, tract, surplus, point, patent, peninsula, island, deorganized town or plantation or any other distinct portion of the unorganized territory.

Learn more about Maine Statues for Education in Unorganized Territory: Title 20-A, Chapter 119: Unorganized Territory

State Administrators

Mailing Address: DOE/EUT, 136 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0136
Fax: 624-6891

Rick Colpitts
Director of State Schools

Rhonda Casey
Business Manager

Barbara Pineau
Special Education Director
207 592-2486

Cathy Severance

Susan Wilson
Account Clerk

Job Openings:

Substitute Teachers, Cooks, and Bus Drivers are always needed. Please contact the principal of each school if you are interested in subbing.