The Leadership team at the Maine Department of Education is working to build an agency that supports schools and educators across the state in their mission to help all students reach their potential and leave school prepared for work, life, and post-secondary education opportunities.

Commissioner’s Office

  • Pender Makin, Commissioner
  • Dan Chuhta, Deputy Commissioner
  • Jessica Nixon, Chief of Staff & Operations
  • Kelli Deveaux, Director of Communications
  • Chelsey Fortin-Trimble, Director of Policy and Government Affairs

    Facilities, Safety & Transportation

    • Scott Brown, Director
    • Ann Pinnette, Facilities and Transportation

      Higher Ed. & Educator Support Services

      • Angel Loredo, Director
      • Stephanie Fyfe, Certification
      • Gail Senese, Adult Education
      • Jason Libby, Higher Education
      • Emily Doughty, Educator Effectiveness
      • Tamara Ranger, Educator Excellence

        Learning Systems

        • Janette Kirk, Chief of Learning Systems
        • Shelly Chasse-Johndro, Acting-Director, Federal Programs and School Turnaround
        • Lee Anne Larsen, Early Learning Team Coordinator
        • Beth Lambert, Secondary Education & Integrated Instruction Team Coordinator
        • Dwight Littlefield, Career and Technical Education

          School Finance & Operations

          • Joanne Allen, Director
          • Pamela Ford-Taylor, School Approval & Student Enrollment
          • Tyler Backus, School Finance, Compliance and Governance
          • Charlotte Ellis, Data Management
          • Walter Beesley, Child Nutrition

            School and Student Supports

            • Richard Meserve, Director - School and Student Supports
            • Gayle Erdheim, Bullying Prevention, Migrant, Truancy, Homeless Students
            • Emily Poland, Coordinated School Health

              Special Services

              • Erin Frazier, Director
              • Ann Belanger, Deputy Director
              • Mary Adley, SPPS, State Agency Client/State Ward, Significant Disproportionality
              • Roberta Lucas, Special Services for Public Schools
              • Vacant, Special Projects, Due Process & Dyslexia
              • Barbara A. McGowen, Finance Coordinator
              • Roy Fowler, Child Development Services