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The Extended Learning Opportunity Program seeks to assist publicly funded School Administrative Units (SAUs) in adopting and/or expanding Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Programs in Maine to help Maine youth gain a better understanding of their career opportunities, acquire valuable foundational and 21st Century skills, as well as create meaningful connections to employers in our state.

What is Extended Learning? [Video Link]

ELOs are hands-on, credit-bearing experiences (for elective or core credit) outside of the traditional classroom with an emphasis on community-based career exploration These programs include paid work experiences, expanding educational opportunities in rural Maine, work skills development, and increasing engagement of otherwise disengaged youth. Grants totaling more than $5.6 million were recently announced for 26 programs across Maine covering 13 counties.

ELO Programs

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ELO Expansion Grant Updates

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ELO Expansion Grant Awardees Coordinator Contact Information

2022 Grant Awardees:

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2022 Grant Awardees List of Schools:

RSU 1 (Bath)  
MSAD 75 (Topsham) 
Brunswick School Department 
SAD 13 (Deer Isle) 
Waldo County Tech Center 
Biddeford School District 
South Portland School District 
RSU 35 (Marshwood) 
University of Maine Presque Isle 
Woodland Schools 
Yarmouth School Department 
RSU 13 (Rockland) 
Nokomis Regional HS 
Healthy Acadia 
Oxford Hills Community Education Exchange 
Brewer School Department 
Gorham School Department 
Madison Area Memorial High School 
Aroostook County Action Program 
Belfast Area High School  
Boys & Girls Club of Kennebec 
MSAD 55 (Hiram) 
Noble High School 
Telstar Middle High School 
Windham High School RSU 14 
RSU 84 (Danforth)






Lana Sawyer
Extended Learning (ELO) Coordinator
Phone: 207-816-0911
Email: Lana.Sawyer@maine.gov

Rick Wilson
Extended Learning (ELO) Specialist
Email: Rick.Wilson@maine.gov