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Welcome to the Maine Department of Education (DOE). The Maine DOE promotes the best learning opportunities for all Maine students by:

  • Focusing on a whole student approach
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Respecting educators
  • Providing information, guidance, professional learning and support to schools and educators
  • Providing adequate and equitable school funding and resources
  • Inspiring trust in our schools

The Maine DOE's office pages contain resources, supports, and information to help all educators, students, and schools thrive.


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The Office of Federal Programs manages funding received by the Maine Department of Education from the US Department of Education for state assessment, child nutrition, ESEA programs (Titles I, II, III, IV, and V), and Emergency Federal Relief. This funding enables students, teachers, and other staff members to have equitable opportunities for achievement, professional growth, and access to healthy meals and food while supporting schools in their response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.


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The Office of Higher Education & Educator Support Services works with educators through each phase of their career, from attending an educator preparation program at a college or university to earning certification, entering the field, and growing their skills through mentorship and professional development. Guided by the Department’s #TeachMaine initiative, our staff are eager to help anyone with an interest in working in Maine schools, whether they are an interested college/university student, an educator moving from another state, or someone changing careers entirely. In addition to these services, OHEESS also represents the Department in the oversight of institutions of higher education.

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The Office of Innovation believes that by empowering bold innovators in education through professional development, resource creation and dissemination, convenings, grants, and support for policy implementation, we will develop, nurture, and foster educational innovation and new ideas at all levels of public school organizations, which will ensure that all learners are prepared to achieve their postsecondary aspirations.


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Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) is the standard for all school safety and security matters. We are honored to serve the state of Maine and our schools while striving to make them as safe and secure as possible. Maine’s most precious resources are our students, school staff, and families, and we will work every day to ensure the level of physical and emotional safety that all parents desire for their children. MSSC provides access to the most up-to-date school safety information from our federal partners and associates nationwide.

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The Office of School Facilities works to ensure that all Maine students have access to healthy, safe, and educationally appropriate facilities. School facilities have a direct impact on student success. Providing students with a high-quality learning environment helps to ensure they are able to receive the education they need to reach their greatest level of achievement.


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The Office of School and Student Supports strives to ensure that Maine schools are inclusive, healthy, safe, and supportive communities where every student thrives. The Office of School and Student Supports endeavors to coordinate resources and programs that promote equitable, psycho-socially, physically, and environmentally healthy school communities for all.


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The Office of Special Services & Inclusive Education is dedicated to improving results for students with disabilities by providing leadership, support, and oversight to local education agencies. The Office of Special Services and Inclusive Education is committed to ensuring the provision of a free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment for children with disabilities (ages 3 to 22), as well as early intervention services to infants and toddlers (birth through age 2). Our work is accomplished through collaboration with families, school districts, public and private agencies, and other programs.

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The Office of Workforce Development Innovative Pathways provides comprehensive coordination and alignment of policies, programs, resources, and initiatives of Adult Education, Career and Technical Education, Education Pathways and Early College, and Extended Learning Opportunities in order to expand learning opportunities for students and elevate the teams’ collective support for Maine’s workforce goals.


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