Values-Based Framework for Decision Making

With hundreds of proposed bills hitting the legislative floor and hundreds of agencies and individuals who seek opportunity to benefit financially from the work of our public schools, DOE must have a values-based filter for assessing ideas, initiatives, legislation, and vendors/products.

Core Values / Priorities:

1). Is it good for students?

  • Will it foster better outcomes for all?
  • Is it equitable?
  • What might the unintended consequences be?
  • How will this promote the well-being of students?

2)   Does it honor the expertise in the Field? We are disinclined to support proposals that:

  • Supplant the professional judgment, creativity, technical expertise of educators, school leaders, and/or district leaders.
  • Devalue the decision-making of local communities and school boards.
  • Are incompatible with the best interests of school communities.
  • Are unnecessary.  

3)  Will engagement with this product or initiative represent responsible stewardship? 

  • Is the likely outcome proportional with respect to the cost and/or effort?
  • Who supports, funds, and provides lobbying for this proposed initiative/product/entity (and what are their motivations)?
  • Hidden pitfalls? (Advertising based on denigrating schools? Predatory sales practices? Disproportionate burden on socioeconomically disadvantaged populations? Marketing practices that perpetuate the myth of “failing public schools”?)