School Safety Specialist Program

School Safety Specialist Training

Our Maine Safe Schools Initiative focuses on creating safer schools through training, guidance, and technical support for the whole school and the whole student. We offer several training opportunities, through this initiative, to improve your school's safety. Our flagship training is the School Safety Specialist program offered through Eastern Maine Community College. 



School Safety Specialist Badges

Introduction to the Maine School Safety Initiative 
Safety Through Climate & Culture
Emergency Planning
Incident Command System
  • Introduction to Maine School Safety Center
  • Why the SSS program is important
  • School Emergency Management 
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Management
  • Restorative Practices
  • Through Food Security
  • What Makes School Climate & Culture?
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Planning Process
  • Important Themes in Emergency Planning
  • ICS 100
  • ICS 200
  • ICS 700
  • ICS 800

(FEMA Training)



What? School Safety Specialists are prepared to:

  • Supports and assists administrators in coordinating the review, editing, and updating of Emergency Operations Plans for their district and/or school building each year as established under Maine Statute 20A chapter 101, sub-chapter 1, section 16 Asec1001.html
  • Involve appropriate stakeholders in the development of district/school level Emergency Operations Plans through the formation of a safety team to include the following: police and fire departments, emergency management agency, EMS, local medical facilities, community members, administrators, parents, and students.
  • Network with appropriate stakeholders to enhance school safety at the SAU and/or school level.
  • Act as a resource for other individuals in the SAU on issues related to school safety.
  • Work with the Maine School Safety Center to provide professional development for faculty and staff on school safety-related issues that encourage a safe school environment.


HOW? The details of the program:

  • Cohorts start at the beginning of every month and have 8 weeks to complete. 
  • All work is done asynchronously through EMCC and takes approximately 20-25 hours to complete. 
  • Work is divided into badges. Badges are outlined above. Each badge consists of interactive modules, a quiz, and reflection questions, except ICS courses which are accessed through FEMA.


WHY? Your motivation for enrolling: 

  • Become a safety leader in your school.
  • Earn Digital Badges through EMCC and contact hours for recertification.
  • Be a school safety liaison with the Maine School Safety Center.
  • Create a network of safety specialists in the state.

To sign up for the training, please fill out this Safety Specialist interest form



Wendy Robichaud, Ed.D.
School Safety Training Coordinator.