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MOOSE Learning Progressions are a set of PreK-12 modules that are purposefully designed around a single topic. While the topics were chosen by the Department of Education, the progressions themselves were designed by teams of Maine educators. As Content Creators, these educators were tasked with creating modules that:

  • Met the MOOSE Success Criteria for module development (e.g., project-based, interdisciplinary, aligned to Universal Design for Learning best practices, etc.)
  • Provided topical and skill progressions from PreK-12 in a coherent framework
  • Can stand alone and don't require students to have completed earlier modules, allowing entry points at all stages in the progression.

It is important to note that these modules are not intended to provide a comprehensive learning progression on each topic. The existing progressions will continue to grow through the work of additional Content Creators. We will also be adding more learning progressions in the coming years.

What is a Learning progression?

At MOOSE, we define learning progressions as the purposeful sequencing of teaching and learning expectations along which students move incrementally through stages of increasing competence across multiple developmental stages and grade levels.

Every incremental stage builds on and integrates the previous one as students accrue new levels of expertise with each successive step in the progression.

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Jenn Page, PhD
MOOSE Project Manager

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