MOOSE Climate Learning Progression

Climate Education

The MOOSE Climate Education Learning Progression is designed to help students interact with three major themes related to climate:

  • Data Literacy: Collecting, understanding, and using data related to climate

  • Systems & Connections: The interconnected influences of all elements and individuals on climate and climate on those elements and individuals

  • Communication: Combining data literacy with systems and connections to effectively convey and interpret ideas about climate

The Learning Progression aims to help students gradually make the links between various systems and the Earth's climate across all disciplines, not just science. Through this progression, learners will also be supported in developing appreciation and respect for the planet that will then scaffold their sense of agency and responsibility, ultimately leading to action.

Modules in the Climate Education Learning Progression are all related to the same systems-thinking question: How does climate influence us and how do we influence climate?

Three outer circles as sections for data literacy, communication, and systems thinking around a center circle for climate education

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In the earliest grades, modules focus on building a foundation for understanding the differences between weather and climate.
In later elementary grades, students expand into a deeper understanding of climate data and how they can interpret it and use it to impact the actions of others.
By the time students hit middle school, students are equipped to draw on their communication skills and systems understanding to make a targeted public service announcement.
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The modules in this Learning Progression were made possible by a partnership with the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance.