MOOSE History of Genocide & the Holocaust Learning Progression

History of Genocide & the Holocaust

The History of Genocide and the Holocaust learning progression has been built by a partnership between the HHRC of Maine, Maine educators, and the Maine Department of Education in an effort to assist students, and their adult leaders, in their efforts to fulfill statute LD 1664.

The learning progression leads students through two phases of experience and exploration that is appropriate in content according to average age and development expectations.

  • PreK – 2 + 3 – 5th grades explore concepts of empathy and belonging
  • Middle and High Schoolers explore concepts of historical context, bravery, resistance, human rights, and healthy relationships

The History of Genocide and the Holocaust modules give students a chance to explore a deeply intricate, challenging topic that has affected mankind since its inception by:

  • Exploring their identity and belonging as well as that of others when in relationship
  • Understanding the value and challenges of being a part of a group
  • Identify when and how one can stand up for others
  • Analysis of justice, prejudice, and responsibility

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Explore the Modules

In PreK-2nd Grades, modules help students practice seeing others as worthy of empathy and respect.
In upper elementary grades, students start to explore how people interact and why.
At any appropriate stage, students can access the CORE modules that help them build foundational, factual knowledge regarding The Holocaust.
Middle school students take their CORE understanding and use it to begin to explore themes of resistance, bravery, healthy relationships, and human rights.
High schoolers build on both the CORE knowledge and general themes of resistance, bravery, healthy relationships, and human rights with greater nuance and depth.
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The modules in this Learning Progression were made possible by a partnership with the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine (HHRC).