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Created by Maine Educators

  • Modules are aligned to multiple Maine Learning Results standards and Guiding Principles.
  • Many modules are tied to PreK-12 Learning Progressions in key topic areas but all modules can "stand-alone".
  • MOOSE is free and open to all (no sign up required) and modules are licensed as creative commons so they can be reused with or without modification.

Built In Support

  • Modules are student-centered and enhanced for accessibility through a Universal Design for Learning framework.

Constant Iteration and Improvement

  • After 7 rounds of module development, MOOSE continues to evolve and improve!
  • Maine educators are piloting modules with their students and providing feedback for iteration.
  • Teams of educators are helping to improve existing modules that were created in the first year of the project (2020-2021).

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Jenn Page, PhD
MOOSE Project Manager

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