Atlantic Menhaden - Draft Addendum 1

The Atlantic Menhaden Board at the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is currently working on draft Addendum I to Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan. The draft Addendum was recently approved for public comment and is slated for final action in November. This management document contains several options which consider changes to the state-by-state allocations, increases in the episodic events set aside, and greater restrictions on the small-scale fishery including lower trip limits and/or the potential to remove gear types, such as purse seines, from the provision. 

Below are two tables from the draft Addendum that illustrate the incidental catch/small scale fishery (IC/SSF) landings from 2016-2021 for Maine and other states, as well as the total landings as a percentage of coastwide landings from 2016-2021 for Maine and other states.


ICC/SSF Landings










State Total Landings















Two public hearings in Maine will be held in-person as follows:

  • September 13 at 6pm. Marquardt Building, 32 Blossom Lane, Room 118, Augusta, ME
  • September 20 at 5pm. Jeff’s Catering and Event Center, 15 Event Center Way, Brewer, ME 

Information on the two hearings in Maine can be found on the DMR homepage under MEETINGS AND EVENTS. 

However if you are unable to attend either in-person hearing in Maine, you may participate in virtual hearings hosted by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department on September 7, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management on September 8, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries on September 14, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife & Potomac River Fisheries Commission on September 26, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection on September 27. To register for these virtual hearings, follow this link.

Follow this link for webinar instructions and information on submitting comments.

Follow this link for TIPS ON PROVIDING EFFECTIVE PUBLIC COMMENTS on Draft Addendum I to Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan.

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