Standard Aquaculture Lease Application

A standard lease permits the lease holder to culture finfish, shellfish, and/or marine algae on up to 100 acres for 20 years.

NEW: Effective April 1, 2019, the standard lease application process has changed. A detailed overview of the standard lease application process, including information on recent changes, can be found here:

Pre-Application Requirements for Standard Lease Applications:

Please note that the first step in the standard lease application process is attending a pre-application meeting with the Department and the municipality.

Please contact Marcy Nelson to arrange this meeting. Contact us early in your planning for a lease application; it will help both you and the Department a great deal.

Standard Lease Applications:

There are two types of standard leases: discharge and non-discharge. A discharge lease application is required when the proposal includes the addition of feed (pellets, kelp, etc.) or additives (therapeutants, chemical treatments, drugs, etc.) into the water. Pick the appropriate application for your proposal from the options below.

Applications must be submitted using the forms currently hosted on this website.  Please be sure your submission reflects the most current version of the respective form. Submissions that are made on discontinued forms may be returned to the applicant. 

Standard Lease Laws and Regulations: