Storm Preparedness Information for LPA and Lease Holders

This message is being sent to LPA and lease holders as Hurricane Lee is projected to cause strong winds, surf, and rain toward the end of this week and into the weekend. Please carefully review the information below, which is intended to help you prepare for the storm while ensuring that product is moved legally and safely.  

Secure the proper license: To remove product from an aquaculture site, you must have an aquaculture harvester license. This license can be obtained through the Department’s online licensing portal (LEEDs) or contacting the Licensing Division (linked below).  


Tag your product: Be sure that any shellfish product removed from your site is tagged with harvester tags and they are filled out correctly. The Department does not provide harvester tags, so please refer to Chapter 9 of the Department’s regulations for example tags and tagging requirements (linked below)  

Chapter 9: 

Operational planning: Don’t wait until the start of the storm to develop a plan.  If you wait, hazardous weather may cause power outages or other circumstances that make it impossible to develop and safely implement your plans. In addition, it may be too late to purchase necessary licenses or obtain other resources you need.   

Remember to check for closures: Heavy rains may cause water quality closures or precautionary closures may be implemented in anticipation of hazardous conditions. Please check for shellfish closures online (linked below) or calling the closure hotline: 1-800-232-4733 or 207-624-7727.  


Movement of product:  Moving shellfish product off your site needs to occur before any closures are implemented. Product should be stored in a clean and cool place (preferably in the cooler of a certified shellfish dealer). After the storm, product needs to be moved back to the site it was harvested from and remain submerged at least a week before re-harvest.  

After the storm, as soon as it is safe to do so, please make efforts to retrieve any errant gear and return sites to working order in compliance with law and rule.  

Please stay safe! If you have questions about this message, please email and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person for follow-up.