Shark Safety Message from Maine DMR

Summer is in full swing and more people are enjoying time on our coastal waters. The Maine Department of Marine Resources wants to remind swimmers, paddlers, and surfers to be safe while in or on the water. 

While relative risk of a shark attack is very small, risks should always be minimized whenever possible in any activity on the water. The chances of having an interaction with a shark can be reduced if you follow this advice:

If you see what you think is a white shark and would like species confirmation, a form is now available on the DMR website, that provides a convenient way to submit photos and a description of what you see to the Maine DMR science bureau. Once information has been received, a DMR scientist will review the information and any images you upload and will respond via email.

Data gathered through this form will also be shared with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy to be uploaded to their Sharktivity app. The app provides users with a recap of shark activity detected by acoustic receivers, in addition to shark sightings.Information and app downloads can be found at

Stay safe and enjoy our coastal waters.

  • If you choose to swim, surf, or paddle, be aware of your surroundings
  • Stay close to shore 
  • Swim, paddle, and surf in groups 
  • Avoid areas where there are seals or schooling fish 
  • Avoid murky, or low visibility water 
  • Avoid shiny jewelry when in or on the water 
  • Limit splashing 
  • Avoid swimming at dawn/dusk when lighting is low 
  • Adhere to all signage at beaches and follow lifeguard instructions 

Additional advice is available at