A Simplified Explanation of Addendum XXVII from Commissioner Keliher

Since I issued the update on Addendum XXVII, I’ve learned that there is still some confusion around the timing of changes, so here is a simplified explanation for LMA1 harvesters.

NOTE: Every October the ASMFC Lobster Management Board (Board) will review trawl and ventless trap survey results to see if the 35% decline in the recruit abundance has occurred.  We are currently at a 23% decline in abundance, and at this point we can’t predict when the 35% decline will be reached. 

  • 1st Gauge Increase – The first 1/16th of an inch gauge increase will take effect June 1st of the year after a determination by the Board that a 35% decline in recruit abundance has occurred.
  • 2nd Gauge Increase – On June 1st three years after the Board’s determination, the second 1/16th of an inch gauge increase for LMA1 harvesters will take effect.
  • Escape Vent Increase – On June 1st four years after the Board’s determination, lobster trap escape vent size increases will take effect.

Below is a diagram that illustrates the possible timeline of events. Please note that if a 35% decline IS NOT observed during the fall board meeting, no action will be considered until the next year’s fall meeting.