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The Maine Coastal Program works with various partners toward the shared goal of a healthy coast and vibrant coastal communities.

Maine Coastal Program News

Maine Coastal Program Submits Proposed Routine Program Changes to NOAA

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Maine Coastal Program Moves to the Department of Marine Resources

9/11/17 - Today the Maine Coastal Program announced its move from the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to the Department of Marine Resources.

Maine Stream Habitat Viewer Release

Version 2.0 of the Maine Stream Habitat Viewer is here! First released in 2013, the Stream Habitat Viewer has successfully brought together people seeking to cooperatively restore and conserve Maine’s streams and wetlands while also looking for opportunities to ease the financial burdens of road and dam owners. The Viewer displays stream habitats for species important to Maine’s economy, ecology and way of life and also provides information about dams and road crossings that can act as barriers to fish passage and stream health.

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Maine Coastal Highlights

Listen to the Maine Coastal Highlights produced by WCLZ radio. These short audio clips highlight a new section of the Maine coast from the Maine Coastal Access Guide every week.

Maine Coastal Program Strategic Outlook, 2016-2020 (PDF file, 172 pages, 1.5 MB) Now Available

The Maine Coastal Program Accomplishments 2012-2013 Report (13 pages, 19.3 MB) released.

Maine Coastal Program Accomplishments 2012-2013 Report (PDF file, 13 pages, 19.3 MB)

State of the Gulf of Maine Report Released

The State of the Gulf of Maine Report has been updated and is available from the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment.

State of the Gulf of Maine Report

Last updated on January 15, 2019