Maine Aquaculture Harvest, Lease, and License (LPA) Data

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Limited-Purpose Aquaculture (LPA) License Data

LPAs are one-year licenses that can be renewed at the end of each calendar year.

Lease Data

"Experimental" (Limited-Purpose) leases are small in size (up to 4 acres), short in duration (up to 3 years), and cannot be renewed unless they are for scientific purposes. "Standard" leases are larger in size (up to 100 acres), longer in duration (up to 20 years), and can be renewed. 

To find information for a specific lease, please visit here for links to active and denied lease decisions, lease applications under review,  a web map with links to decision documents, and interactive tables of leases and LPAs. 

Harvest Data

Harvest data include annual aquaculture harvest information by total harvest value and by species.  Prior to 2021, harvest data came from the Aquaculture program.  From 2021 forward, all harvest data will come from the Landings Program and will be published on the Landings Program's section of the website.

Finfish data were collected monthly between 1992 and 2003 through the Finfish Aquaculture Monitoring Program (FAMP). Data prior to the FAMP was compiled by Laurice Churchill and Tracey Riggens (DMR). Since 2004 finfish harvest totals have been submitted by leaseholders as part of the annual and/or monthly inventory reports required by The Department. 

Data on blue mussels and American oysters for 2003 to 2020, and data on marine algae for 2015 to 2020, were compiled from the required annual reports submitted by lease and licenseholders. All data are self-reported and there was no audit mechanism in place. If questionable data are submitted Department staff made every effort to contact leaseholders for clarification. Data for 2003 and 2004 were incomplete due to lack of familiarity with new reporting requirements.

Starting in 2021, harvest data for all species other than finfish are reported monthly to DMR's Landings Program instead of the Aquaculture Division.

Limited harvests of other species including cultured Atlantic cod (Gadhus morhua), European oysters (Ostrea edulis), quahogs (Mercenaria mercenaria), green sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis), and sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus). The Department's confidentiality statutes prevent the release of these figures.

  • Species harvested from leases and licenses in Maine in 2020 included:
    • Finfish
      • Atlantic Salmon (S. salar)
    • Shellfish:
      • American/Eastern Oyster (C. virginica)
      • Arctic Surf Clam (M. polynyma)
      • Blue Mussel (M. edulis)
      • European Oyster (O. edulis)
      • Hen Clam (S. solidissima)
      • Northern Quahog (M. mercenaria)
      • Sea Scallop (P. magellanicus)
      • Soft Shell Clam (M. arenaria)
    • Marine Algae
      • Strap/Skinny Kelp (S. angustissima)
      • Sugar Kelp (S. latissima)
      • Winged Kelp (A. esculenta)