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Unit 5: Shadows and Reflections

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Poems Flannel Board Pieces
Five Little Fishies Old MacDonald
Good Morning Mrs. Hen  
My Shadow  
Windshield Wiper  
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Full Day   Part Day

Center Lang. Supports

Full Day   Part Day

Center Lang. Supports

Full Day  Part Day

Center Lang. Supports

Full Day

Center Lang. Supports

Full Day

Art Studio

Painting A Woodland & Swamp

Easel-Shiny Paintings

Reflective Collages

Black, White & Gray Illustrations

Easel- Painting with Outlines

Easel- Stained Glass Collage (Resource)



Mylar & Block Structures

Mirror & Block Structures

Experimenting with Shadows

Building a Museum



Reflections in Water






Woodland Swamp


Shadow Dancing (resource)

Gone Fishing (Resource)





Sources of Light (Resource)


Clear & Blurry Reflections (Resource)

Reflections & Shadows (Resource)


Nocturnal & Diurnal Animals (Resource)



Shadow Puppets


Opaque, Transparent, Translucent


Reflections on a Surface

Stained Glass


Museum Collections (Resource)


Light is Helpful



Woodland & Swamp Research

(Resource 1)(Resource 2)

Play with Me Shadow Theater

(Resource 1)(Resource 2) (Research 3)

Researching Nocturnal Animals

(Resource 1)(Resource 2)

Researching Puppets (Resource)

Who Works at Night (Resource)



Woodland Animal Puzzles


Sorting Reflective & Non-Reflective Materials

Shadow Matching Game

(Resource 1)(Resource 2)

Making Collections




(Books & Materials)


Small Group 1- Tall Tall Tree Game (Resource)

Small Group 2- Making Tall Trees (Resource)


Large Group- Tall Tall Tree

Small Group- Shadow Measuring (Resource)


Large Group- Whose Shadow is this

Small Group 1- Slides, Flips & Turns (Resource)

Small Group 2- Fill Your Puddle Pail

(Number Chart) (Rebus)


Large Group- Slide, Flip & Turn

Small Group 1- Napping House Art


Small Group 2- Mirror Building


Large Group- The Napping House (Resource)

Small Group 1- Sets of Creatures (Resource)


Small Group 2- The Number Line Game


Large Group- How Many Creatures

Read Aloud

Play with Me

Raccoon on His Own

Kitten’s First Full Moon

Bear Shadow

Puddle Pail



Small Group


Reflective/Non-Reflective Materials

Mirror Me

Reflection Search

Shadow Search

Shadow Puppets (Resource)

Initial Consonant Game (Resource)

Shadow Tracings



SWPL Week 1

SWPL Week 2

SWPL Week 3

SWPL Week 4

SWPL Week 5



Reflection Search

Shadow Tracing

Shadow Search


Writing About Collections (Resource 1) (Resource 2)



Reflective/Non-Reflective Materials

Woodland Swamp Research

Reflection Search


Reflective Collages

Art Studio Illustrations


Shadow Dancing

Museum Collection


Making Collections


Outdoor Learning

Nature Extensions

Nature Books

April Rain, Sun Prints

Pond Life, Raccoon Hands

Making Bird Nests

Spring Wildflowers

Flowering Trees